Petetit out as PB Companies’ CEO

December 1, 2015
John Belsher and Ryan Petetit

John Belsher and Ryan Petetit


A local developer accused of attacking and beating his live-in girlfriend is “stepping down” from his position of PB Companies chief executive officer.

Prosecutors have charged Ryan Petetit with felony false imprisonment, felony battery with serious bodily injury, felony domestic violence and a misdemeanor charge of disabling a wireless device. He remains free on $50,000 bail.

Petetit’s partner, attorney John Belsher, announced Petetit’s plans to step down Tuesday in the comment section of a local newspaper following an article published by CalCoastNews detailing Petetit’s alleged Nov. 22 assault.

“PB Companies’ partners and employees understand the seriousness of the charges alleged against Ryan Petetit, its Chief Executive Officer,” Belsher wrote. “Mr. Petetit is stepping down from his work responsibilities for an unspecified period of time to concentrate on resolving the accusations recently reported.

“PB Companies and its affiliates are led by long-time SLO County residents attorney John Belsher and Dr. Russ Sheppel, who will continue to manage the day to day affairs of the business.”

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Sounds like their Money is getting spooked. Look for mothballs in their future.

Even the Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg Trials had attorneys.

Using “Nazi war criminals” as a comparison to Petit’s violent assault lessons the reality of Nazi war criminals.

Just my opinion, your mileage may vary.

As a Pismo Beach resident I would love for Erik Howell to be voted off the City Council. He is very self serving and has accomplished and contributed nothing.

And BFFs Adam Hill and Caren Ray!

Howell makes his living on the Council and Coastal Commission. Surprised as hell he is not running for supervisor He will once Hill is defeated!

He may be formally stepping down, but my guess is he will still be heavily, if not quietly involved. Too much money at stake to just walk away. He will remain the P in PB companies.

As involved as he can be from prison. All of these violent felony charges with priors and I don’t think even Adam Hill’s super lawyer James Wagstaffe can get him off. Too high profile, Petetit is finished.

No way, you watch. He will get off with a misdemeanor.

No one gets felonies anymore.

They still have to release 8,000 more from California prisons!

Gentleman’s bet. Felony conviction.

Interesting that someone like that can just get permit after permit after permit in Slo. Doesn’t anyone ever say “we’re not sure you can behave as a proxy representative of Slo with your ties to this community with the Constant allegations, questionable decisions, possible ethics challenges and your pattern of absolute disregard for honor, or your responsibility to carry yourself professionally” and of course look who are supervisors and the behavior they exert. In A.G. The city council wants to control what private citizens do in their homes but public officials can threaten other public officials and it takes the bullied to make a statement. What if Dan Carpenter didn’t have a voice? Would anyone that is a sworn representative have done what they should have? Let the bullies carry on, there’s gotta be a dollar in there somewhere for me.

Did they take his passport? This man is a flight risk.

Good point.

So is Adam Hill going to take Petetit’s place as CEO of BP Companies?

Is he sufficiently intelligent to run a development scam?

Petetit is stepping down?

I say he should be stepped ON!

I literally shake when I read the allegations against him.

“Stepping down” is the wrong kind of footwork — more like “being kicked out.”

If Belsher can force him to step down that indicates Belsher is the power player, which then makes Petetit, what, a puppet?

On a related note: I suspect “Dr Russ Sheppel” is getting googled much more this afternoon than at any other time in his career.

Damn straight. He kept that a secret for a long time…

I wonder how much money the old doc has lost!

Calling Sheppel a doctor is like calling the chimney doctor – doctor. He hasn’t practiced in years – I believe he was a dentist at one time a long , long time ago …he is a pawn and a puppet in this grand, greedy, land scam.

His name was dropped in the press release as a ruse. The thinking was that this GREAT company NOW has a lawyer (liar) and a doctor (hahaha) calling the shots ….

They must be legit….right (wink wink)


I believe Sheppel owns the property in AG where the memory care facility is slated to go (near Kennedy Fitness). Not sure exactly how he fits into the grand scheme of things, but he does have some “skin in the game” if that property in fact belongs to him.

Smart move.

This young man needs to focus his attention on the serious challenges ahead of him.

votes down: Petetit, Shill, Ochs.

What is the Ochs connection?

ochs is his incognito lover.

Do you have facts to support your claim? If so, I’m all in!

Like facing the fact that he is an abuser? Now it’s your turn to step down Adam.

That and an 8:30 trial setting conference on 12/3.

6 down votes; really?