Petetit out as PB Companies’ CEO

December 1, 2015
John Belsher and Ryan Petetit

John Belsher and Ryan Petetit


A local developer accused of attacking and beating his live-in girlfriend is “stepping down” from his position of PB Companies chief executive officer.

Prosecutors have charged Ryan Petetit with felony false imprisonment, felony battery with serious bodily injury, felony domestic violence and a misdemeanor charge of disabling a wireless device. He remains free on $50,000 bail.

Petetit’s partner, attorney John Belsher, announced Petetit’s plans to step down Tuesday in the comment section of a local newspaper following an article published by CalCoastNews detailing Petetit’s alleged Nov. 22 assault.

“PB Companies’ partners and employees understand the seriousness of the charges alleged against Ryan Petetit, its Chief Executive Officer,” Belsher wrote. “Mr. Petetit is stepping down from his work responsibilities for an unspecified period of time to concentrate on resolving the accusations recently reported.

“PB Companies and its affiliates are led by long-time SLO County residents attorney John Belsher and Dr. Russ Sheppel, who will continue to manage the day to day affairs of the business.”

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John Ryan Mason will be consulting Petetit on how to win at trial…..

Belsher was warned about this kid , his greed clouded his judgement.

The Tribune runs a big story about this today, on and on about everything but our sleazy county supervisor’s involvement….like they don’t know or haven’t heard rumors or read it here.

If you’re John Belsher right now, what’s going through your mind? You have to do damage control. He’s got two realistic choices: (1) He can throw Petetit under the bus and disavow the kid completely. That might be risky if The Kid has dirt, or (2) They can shift some money around and try to buy the woman’s silence. Get her to shut up and not press charges.

What else can Belsher do? This is not going to go away. Nor should it. We should all hope and pray for this woman to recover. I think we should also hope and pray she has the courage to see this through.

First of all, the charges are not hers to press or not press. Every criminal case is titled, “The People versus…” The charges originate with the people of the state of California, not the victim. Of course, the victim could seriously damage the prosecution, but maybe not, depending on the evidence already collected. Furthermore, the victim might commit perjury based upon declarations already made.

I view some variant of option one to be most likely. Probably with the inclusion and agreement and invisible support of Petetit.

Well Adam, this very well may be the last nail in your political coffin…if not, it should be.

Unfortunately, no. The total of CCN readers and KVEC/KPRL listeners pales in comparison to those receiving slick campaign literature and being bombarded with television, Tribune (not to mentioned the guaranteed Tribune endorsement), and popular and profitable morning zoo-then-music stations. The political pros are here, this is no longer a rural county controlled by locals. We have never had politicians like Hill and Gibson with suspect motivations as supervisors. It’s always been an R/D battle for the majority but be it liberals like Kupper, Kresja and Bianci or conservatives like Mankins, Ryan, Bracket and Texeira they were decent and honorable advocates for what they felt was best for the people of the county. The diversion of county spending into non-profit corporations leads to further corruption as they compete for these funds. As corporations their books and day-to-day functions are immune from scrutiny. You can call your councilman and ask why the City truck was at the doughnut shop for 40 minutes or why so many workers were needed for a task. The waste, mismanagement and corruption at the non-profits is insane and no, you cannot review their line item budget or operations. It was like pulling teeth just to get a list of top salaries. All of CAPSLO’s budget comes from the government and public utilities required to fund them. Everything they do could be put out to competitive bid and done by for-profit companies (a very small profit compared to a very large waste) at a fraction of the cost. The money they get from utilities is also right out of your pocket. The utilities don’t care what the cost is. It comes from additional rates approved by the PUC, also complicit in the corruption, not their profits. You would not believe how much of your utility bill is diverted. And now the developers are making direct payoffs for support of their projects. When were the supposed likes of Hill, Gibson and Marx advocates for developers? Build in the airport safety zone? Sure, we’ll just override that for you. And I’ll bet the developer got that land cheap because the person who owned it before was told “you can’t build here, it’s in the airport safety zone”. You pay for their water, you pay for their roads. Who do you think will pay for Hwy 227 improvements? Whose paying for Prado Road? Who paid for 80% of the Nacimiento pipeline? You. And the argument is that it makes housing “more affordable”. “It’s housing so your kids can stay here”. Do you believe that? Aside from required affordable housing the houses are no cheaper but the profits are bigger thanks to subsidies from tax and ratepayers. Basically you can sum it up with locals like Ernie Dalidio replaced by people like Gary Grossman. I’d wager that the Hill/Grossman/Tribune ticket gets reelected. The more the opposition more they’ll have to spend but that’s about it.

Erik Howell no longer belongs to the bar ( he just sits at one!) He has not practiced in years!

You sure have a thing about aaron ochs. What’s the deal? Is he your ex or something?

I’m just happy he finally got caught. This type of abuse is not a first occurrence. Hopefully she will file a complaint against him and a civil lawsuit for the time he got away with using her as a punching bag.

He’s been caught before but this catch and release system we have just tosses him back in the pond.