Spike in guns sales following San Bernardino shooting

December 6, 2015

guns222California gun stores saw a spike in gun and ammunition sales following the Wednesday shooting in San Bernardino that killed 14 people and wounded 21 others.

Worries of stricter gun laws following mass shootings generally result in an increase in gun purchases. There was a significant increase in gun sales on Thursday following the massacre.

“The knee jerk reaction of politicians is immediately after an event like this, to take advantage of it for political goals and try to restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners,” Sam Paredes, spokesman for Gun Owners of America told ABC. “So there is a natural rush to gun stores to purchase guns and ammunition.”

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Ted Nugent for President

Easy there kettle…need to back it down a notch, I’m not sure what possess you to be so inflammatory to those with whom you disagree. First, we are trying to have an intelligent discussion here, you should try that. Second, I’m comfortable enough with my views that I don’t need to belittle people to express my point. Finally,Robert Quillen once said “Discussion is an exchange of Knowledge: An argument is an exchange of Ignorance”…Argue much Kettle???

2much says: “If even one person at the San Bernardino Christmas party was legally armed, the loss of life would certainly be significantly reduced.”

Yes this is “an exchange of Ignorance” speculation on your part and a common talking point repeated as some sort of fact when it is total speculation.

Wow troll much? You belittle “back it down a notch” “inflammatory to those” “you should try that” “Discussion is” It’s called being condescending, claiming the intellectual path while belittling and talking down to someone.

“I don’t need to belittle people to express my point” yet there you are “belittling people” and being condescending.

Feel free to discuss the issue instead of insulting others, your comment does not, perhaps discussing the issue with adults may help?.