Spike in guns sales following San Bernardino shooting

December 6, 2015

guns222California gun stores saw a spike in gun and ammunition sales following the Wednesday shooting in San Bernardino that killed 14 people and wounded 21 others.

Worries of stricter gun laws following mass shootings generally result in an increase in gun purchases. There was a significant increase in gun sales on Thursday following the massacre.

“The knee jerk reaction of politicians is immediately after an event like this, to take advantage of it for political goals and try to restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners,” Sam Paredes, spokesman for Gun Owners of America told ABC. “So there is a natural rush to gun stores to purchase guns and ammunition.”

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As long as America defines gun control as: The shooter’s ability to place several rounds in quick succession in center mass….the carnage will continue unabated.

What about bombs? They had lots and lots of bombs. Should we also talk about bomb legislation, registration, training?

Yes, I’m being sarcastic. Gun laws do nothing to thwart someone that has no use for the law.

Lets just rid of the laws instead. How do you know gun control doesn’t work, when it’s never been tried in America? Other countries have been very successful in minimizing gun related deaths.

Is is just coincidental that we possess the largest number of privately owned firearms, and lead the free world in gun related deaths? The facts are what they are. Unregulated firearms in the hands of Americans is proving to be very toxic.

Most people that own fire arms understand gun control. Firearms come with serious responsibilities and controlling your firearms is an absolute must. Firearms are everywhere and the best gun control is to arm, as many as willing, law abiding citizens who understand and respect the rights of others. Removing all guns is not an option, does not exist anywhere on this planet and where I may be wrong the weapon of choice will be a saber or a spear.

Per capita – The country with the highest rate of mass murder? Wait for it……Norway. Complete gun control country.

Shhh all you do is confuse people that don’t want the truth.

Todays lesson in cognitive disonance brought to you by the letters L o L !!!! And the

Ivant2beleaf foundation

“Norway” Why are you lying to people? Norway is not even in the top 25.

If we can’t trust you with “facts” how can we trust you with a gun?

Donald Trump school of education…….

If even one person at the San Bernardino Christmas party was legally armed, the loss of life would certainly be significantly reduced. Many folks believe if there were armed civilians walking around, it would be an ongoing “OK Corral”. I believe there would be fewer situations where shooters could continue shooting without being challenged by a responsible gun owner.

I have small children and would feel better if there were a responsible armed person (or persons) at the school at all times, civilian or otherwise.

In America we have the right to bear arms. I have no problem with that, and I am not suggesting changes to the constitution. However, these incidents are still happening. The places these terrorist attacks occur are places that wouldn’t lend themselves to everyone packing a gun. You want your co-workers carrying a gun? You want 60,000 drunk people at a football game carrying guns? You want the druggies at a concert carrying guns? So, I don’t think that argument of yours or the republican candidates holds water. Nor do I think that the democrats should be using these incidents as a gun control platform.

There are so many ways for a terrorist to attack, I don’t think gun ownership or gun control should be the issue. Suicide missions change everything, Bombs and chemical weapons won’t be affected by gun control. People are the problem. We have too many people, and too many deranged minds.

And none of the laws the democrats are screaming to pass right now would not have stopped San Bernardino, because the two down there would have and did pass the checks and the guns they had were all legally purchased by the laws in California, a state with tougher gun laws right now than the ones they are screaming to pass.

Love the name calling. It really adds to a discussion.

I am guessing that one of the reasons your comment is so down-voted is that you failed at reading comprehension. 2much said several times “responsible” gun owner. Yet you want to read into “responsible” as “drunks,” “druggies,” and “co-workers” (who likely ARE responsible, especially compared to your other two examples).

You probably should have just used your second paragraph only – it is succinct and a much better point.

2much says: “If even one person at the San Bernardino Christmas party was legally armed, the loss of life would certainly be significantly reduced”

Bullshit nra talking points, please don’t make shit up and pretend they are facts, it makes you look ignorant.

You’re saying an armed police officer there wouldn’t have reduced the loss of life.

Talk about bullshit!

No one said anything about “armed police officer”, that is you changing the subject to suite your own desires.

“If even one person at the San Bernardino Christmas party was legally armed” was the quote right from the NRA peeps.

Uh, hello?

I do not think kettle will understand that he was making your point.

Seems so. But he probably votes and we are all obligated to disseminate understanding and logic.

99% of crimes are investigated by the police. 1% are prevented. Has to be the worst cost benefit ratio i have ever seen. really. give everyone a gun. really.

14 people dead. 21 injured. Over 1,000 cops descended on the area and chased the perps through city streets recklessly firing 328 shots to dispose of two perps – for your safety. It’s like the d- high school grade point avg is really on display in this one.

It was even worse in stockton. Over 600 shots fired to kill 3 perps AND their hostage:


“give everyone a gun”,


The terrorist in body armor still wins, and now you have 50 inexperienced people spraying bullets around the cafeteria. I’m guessing the body count would be worse.

The cops killed the suspect and didn’t hit any others. I doubt John Q. Public would have the same results. The suspects were loaded up to perform more attacks, so I thank the police for killing these guys.

While a couple of armed citizens in this particular San Bernardino scenario may or may not have stopped/reduced the terrorist attack, the fact of the matter is that most criminal thugs go from macho to peeing their pants and fleeing the second someone else pulls out a gun.

Personally, I’m not going to cower in the corner and be shot or held hostage while I wait 4-6 minutes for the police to arrive (or longer in our county depending on where you happen to be). I will do one of the following things with the gun I carry.

1. Leave it in the holster and make a run for the exit if safe to do so.

2. Take the perp out if I am in a position to do so and have an easy clean shot that doesn’t put anyone else at risk.

3. Lay down cover fire to get them to either run the other way or take cover while I and anyone around me make a fast exit.

4. Die while exercising my right to self defense.

vs. the alternative…

1. Make a run for the exit if safe to do so.

2. Cower/Hide in a corner and hope the cavalry will get here before I am shot.

3. Attack while the person is reloading (risky)

4. Die in the fetal position

Why Switzerland Has The Lowest Crime Rate In The World.


Because Switzerland is rich.and very very small,not to mention the gnomes of zurich tax intrest schemes. Guns not so much.

What “knee jerk” are you talking about. Democrats have been saying the exact same thing for years.

Sensible gun regulation, not taking away guns.

And no, it won’t stop crazy people from doing things, that’s not why we pass laws. To accept the argument that sensible gun regulation is useless because it won’t stop criminals from getting guns is tantamount to saying we don’t need speed limits because it won’t stop some people from speeding, or laws against fraud because buyers need to beware.

We pass laws to define what our society SHOULD be. Not to prevent every single occurrence of criminality.

“Sensible” is never defined, and is nearly always “any gun regulation we call for”. That’s not sensible. So, quit spewing poetic jargon and put something tangible on the debate take.

take -> table

Registration of all gun sales. Proof of competence in gun handling, Gun owner insurance. For starters. And honestly, if you can demonstrate competence with a firearm and pass a background check I don’t care if you own a 50 cal machine gun.

All firearm sales have to go thru an FFL here in CA. It has been that way for 10 years ( not exactly sure on the 10 year figure but it has been a while ). This is another law that is rarely enforced. A test for safe gun handling has been been the law for many years. This test is preformed at a legal transfer. Gun owner insurance should be mandatory right after freedom of speech insurance is the law.

Do you realize how dumb you sound? Islamic terrorists attack us and you and your ilk blame the NRA and lack of gun laws? ROTFLMAO!!!!!

My response was to Vagabond. the way things are set up here for responses linked to posts it is kind of confusing.

No, I never said any of that. Perhaps you have Trumpitis and make things up from nothing

I direct you to your posts above…that is EXACTLY what you said.

California aready requires registration of all firearm purchases and transfers. California also requires passing a firearms test to get a permit to purchase, and then requires an operations test when purchasing a handgun.

Since your requirements are already met why aren’t all of our problems already solved?

No law completely gets rid of criminals, thats not the point of enacting laws. I applaud California’s laws they should be enacted everywhere.

… And where’s my 50 cal. machine gun?

No registration. That’s the basis for eventual confiscation. No “gun insurance” as it won’t reduce gun-related violence.

You haven’t thought this through, have you?

CA has “sensible gun regulation” up the derriere and it does nothing to reduce violent crime.

Melt the guns

Come get them.

Why do the democrats want more laws when they don’t even prosecute people for violating existing laws? Actually PROSECUTING felon in possession laws would be a good first step. But then the same could be said about actually enforcing our immigration laws.

They said the gun crime rate has almost tripled since the gun theft of their government and the people there know it. Even the Aussie government admits the crime rate has sky rocketed.


Sig Sauer P-220 or 229

Two of my favorites!

229 FDE TB please. Interchangeable 22/9/40 slides.


Obama and his band of rhetoric spewing minions have been the BIGGEST firearms salesmen this Nation has ever seen.

sad to say