Bomb threat shuts down SLO bus service

January 6, 2016

bus6San Luis Obispo has shut down all city bus services while police investigate bomb threats made by a passenger. [Tribune]

At about 8:30, a young man boarded a bus headed to Cal Poly. While on the bus, the man and handed out fliers to other passengers that touted a “pre-emptive war” on “witches and Satanists and devils and possessed.”

The young man then warned other passengers not to ride buses for the rest of the week. He got off the bus near the Performing Arts Center.

Police responded by shutting down bus service while they have bomb sniffing dogs and investigators check 15 buses.

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It amazes me how far a studenr has to go these days to earn some much needed extra credit…lol.

None of the media mentioned that they shut down the whole city hall as well. Because well, they’re sorta kinda close to the bus top.