Bomb threat shuts down SLO bus service

January 6, 2016

bus6San Luis Obispo has shut down all city bus services while police investigate bomb threats made by a passenger. [Tribune]

At about 8:30, a young man boarded a bus headed to Cal Poly. While on the bus, the man and handed out fliers to other passengers that touted a “pre-emptive war” on “witches and Satanists and devils and possessed.”

The young man then warned other passengers not to ride buses for the rest of the week. He got off the bus near the Performing Arts Center.

Police responded by shutting down bus service while they have bomb sniffing dogs and investigators check 15 buses.


hysteria is official


Witches and Tricksters and Devils, OH MY !

Silly ass. Everyone knows THEY don’t ride the bus !

Lunatic must have watched “Speed” one too many times.


That is not a credible threat. Come on. We can’t just stop doing everything because of some locos.


Listen to comments from tRump supporters for opposing opinions.


It must be depressing to view life entirely through the prism of politics.


This terrorist makes multiple clear verbal threats of a bomb on board a bus and follows up by handing out some diabolical manifesto and somehow that is not a credible threat to you? What would he need to do, post a video of him planting a bomb, or I suppose you would wait for him to pull a repeat of what happened in San Bernardino recently before you considered it credible enough to take action?


I am just waiting for someone to blame this on Adam Hill.


Wait, Adam Hill was in on this?


Whatever happened to the bus driver pulling over and calling the police to come detain the individual and get a first hand account of whether his story might be credible while beating him with a wet noodle?

At least he didn’t warn against “infidels”.


I shook my head when I read elsewhere that law enforcement was collecting bomb-sniffling dogs from “throughout the county” to sniff-out the 15 buses. Overreaction as usual…


This terrorist made a deadly threat directed at the citizens of this county and followed up by handing out a manifesto and that is an overreaction? The buses were barely out of service for four hours – that is a small price to pay. If you want to talk about overreaction, how about the talk of banning all Muslim immigrants after a *legal citizen* commits a terrorist act?


Tweekers love the devil talk.


This may be no token threat.


Thanks to our hypersensitive nanny state, we’ll happily defeat ourselves. Most people do not even remember when we had balls.

I am no hero, but if someone said and did what this guy did near me, I’d tackle him and direct someone to call the cops. Or at the very least snap a photo of him. Even most homeless have cellphones with cameras today.