Video of bomb threat on SLO bus

January 6, 2016

A young man boarded a bus outside of City Hall in San Luis Obispo and began warning other passengers not to ride buses for the rest of the week because there may be a bomb on one of the buses. All bus services were shut down while city buses were searched. Police have the man, Marcus Karr, 33, in custody.

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It looks more likely this young fellow is experiencing paranoia. Could be the onset of schizophrenia. I agree with some other posters, he needs some care. And there is plenty available, but it must be sought out or enforced.

Will this fellow get the mental health care that he obviously needs? Probably not. They will ship him off to jail and throw him out on to the street. Lack of proper mental health care costs us a lot more than it would to have a proper program and laws in place. Big reforms are needed.

I hope we bill this doof for all our time and expense.

cameras in buses, what a good idea!

this young man needs help

This guy should run for Mayor!

Obviously over qualified.

City manager of AG. I think he might get stuff done.

This is why I don’t ride the bus…

Yea that must be it.