Burglars nab Cork ‘N’ Bottle ATM

January 23, 2016

Cork N BottleSan Luis Obispo Police are searching for two people who stole an ATM from the Cork ‘N’ Bottle Liquor store on Foothill Boulevard on Wednesday morning. [KSBY]

Shortly after 5 a.m., a witness witnessed someone run out of the business and called authorities. Security cameras had captured two people breaking into the liquor store with a crow bar.

Less than 30 seconds after breaking into the store, the men had exited the store with the ATM. The burglars then drove away in a blue pickup truck.


In and out in 30 seconds? WITH an atm? Sounds like it’s not their first rodeo.


this is a slopd inside job.


What proof do you have?


Hahahahaha1 Couldn’t happen to nicer guys! The owners are total dicks!


ya know what smartmouth??? it takes one to know one~


Every been treated badly by the guy behind the counter? Have been on numerous occasions and I’m a very polite female – except for finally venting and calling them dicks!

I guess it does take one to know one tidepool! That applies to you as well!


I do not go to liquor stores sorry smart mouth. I try to keep it classy. and calling someone a “Dick” is really not classy. maybe you should learn the difference between being “polite” and being classy.


the owners of the liquor store don’t own the ATM. The ATMs are owned by investors who pay to have it in the store and make their money from the egregious fees charged to dopes who use the ATM for transactions.

This is like that episode of breaking bad. Hope it doesn’t fall on one of their heads while they are trying to break into it. Actually, that might not be a bad idea.


It may be someone you don’t like this time, but what about the next guy?


As opposed to partial?

Jorge Estrada

Just call them Richard, it sounds more respectful.