Did a former Cayucos firefighter kill his father?

January 17, 2016
Oscar Higueros

Oscar Higueros

A witness in the human trafficking trial of Oscar Higueros Jr. told investigators the defendant claimed he murdered his father more than three decades ago. Higueros Jr. is currently on trial in a human trafficking case. [Tribune]

Higueros Jr., a former Cayucos firefighter,  plead not guilty to 33 charges, including several counts of forcible rape, against a Los Osos teen. Higueros allegedly paid $150 to Richard Scott Brooks in order to have sex with the teen.

Earlier this month, Brooks was sentenced to 61 years and eight months for his role in the case.

In April 1990, Oscar Higueros Sr. was found stabbed to death in his Los Osos home. Though there was a prime suspect in the murder of Higueros Sr., the case remains unsolved.

Higueros Sr. had a history of violence against his family. In 1986, Higueros Sr. was arrested after he assaulted and threatened to kill his wife and three children.

Higueros Jr. was 14-years-old when his father was killed.

Higueros Jr. is accused of threatening to kill the Los Osos teen if she went to law enforcement. He allegedly told the Los Osos teen he had killed his father, according to court records.


Sounds like his dad deserved his fate. Good for the kid if he was protecting his family.


I have the unfortunate experience of knowing Oscar Higueros… He’s easily the worst piece of scum I know. Based on the behavior I’ve seen him exhibit, I have no doubt he could have killed his father (or anyone else for that matter) and not regret it for a second. A textbook sociopath.

Black Copter Pilot

If he murdered his father more than 3 decades ago, that means more than 30 years ago. The whole thing doesn’t math out. 1990 was only 26 years ago


I believe they are looking at it as

Ninties one decade

2000’s two

and now we are in three


Wow! Amazing…he killed his father 5 years before his father was killed in Los Osos.


Did a former Cayucos firefighter kill his father?

I’d bet his Mother knows…