Heritage Oaks Bank robbery suspect arrested

January 7, 2016
Johnie Dean Arnold

Johnie Dean Arnold

San Luis Obispo police arrested a Bakersfield man on Wednesday for allegedly robbing a San Luis Obispo bank on Monday afternoon.

Following the armed robbery of the Heritage Oaks Bank on Froom Ranch Way, police released photos of the holdup to the local media. A citizen then identified Johnie Dean Arnold, 54, as the robber.

On Wednesday, San Luis Obispo Police detectives and Kern County Sheriff deputies arrested Arnold at his home in Bakersfield. He was booked into the San Luis Obispo County Jail with his bail set at $250,000.

Arnold is also a suspect in the armed robbery of a Union Bank in Goleta on Nov. 2.


Armed robbery, pointing the gun directly at the teller, and he only gets $259,000 bail. He’s probably using the stolen money. What a joke our legal system (no lack thereof) has become. No wonder we have all this crime, repeaters, big smurk on faces, ankle bracklets not working, etc.

I say a special prayer every night for all LE as their jobs have become so much more dangerous, disrepected and unappreciated. Thank you all for what you do under these trying times to keep us safe!


Good, that didn’t take long.

Shocked in MB

Some day the locals will realize that they would not exist without the Central Valley. Between their students at CalPoly and Cuesta and the residences here that they maintain and their tourism $, that large sucking sound would the the local economy.




Nice nose


What a gig. Once a month or so, slither to the Central Coast and dip in the warm waters of a carefree, gangster lifestyle. Gotta love tourists.


Straight outta Bako! Forget building a wall on the Mexican border, how about a wall to keep all the central valley criminals out of SLO county.


Oh Johnie Dean… #1 rule, Banks rob you, it’s illegal to rob them back.



Yea! The good old days. Before the media started the Hate Campaign against the law.


The cops are on a roll. Good for them.

Damn those pesky cameras!!


Cops are liars that only get lucky.


Shocked you didn’t mention “trump supporters” as well. There are good cops and bad cops and the overwhelming majority are professional and honest -as are most people of every profession in society.

You seem to paint with broad brush strokes.

Sad way to live.


Why don’t the supposed ‘good cops’ ever turn in their ‘bad cop’ brothers ? They all know who the ‘bad ones’ are, but they tolerate them, and then circle the wagons when a ‘bad cop’ is finally caught doing something so outrageous and/or criminal.

Or, at minimum, they work to get the problem cop out of their own force and never pass along the info to the next vulnerable municipality.

The “Thin Blue Line” is real, but it’s not so thin.