Homeless to get the boot from Grover Beach camp

January 19, 2016

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Grover Beach city officials plan to clear out a homeless camp next week and evict the individuals living there. A prominent member of the local homeless services industry says she is trying to find them housing. [Tribune]

The camp is located along Highway 1 south of the Grover Beach train station. A stabbing occurred at the encampment earlier this month, and other criminal activity is suspected at the camp.

Grover Beach Police Chief John Peters said the encampment poses a huge health risk, and it is not a safe place for anyone to live, especially due to the proximity of the train tracks. Police officers have recently been writing trespassing citations to homeless individuals living in the camp.

The homeless were also warned they could be arrested if they did not leave. City staffers say they have reached out to the residents of the camp to help connect them with services and possible housing.Tom Two

City plans to clear out the camp do not relate exclusively to public health concerns. Grover Beach is planing a $2 million expansion of the train station, and city officials plan to fence off the encampment prior to breaking ground on the project.

The expansion is expected to include a bus drop-off area, more parking and a new entrance to the train station.

After city workers clean out the camp, the police department will store valuables that are left behind. Individuals will have 90 days to claim their belongings.

Members of local homeless services agencies have distributed pamphlets about housing options. One nonprofit worker who is courting residents of the encampment is former CAPSLO homeless service director Dee Torres-Hill.

Torres-Hill, who now runs SLO Housing Connection, says she is working closely with the residents of the camp to secure temporary housing for them. Torres-Hill said she is trying to recruit people who live at the camp to go to the Grover Beach council meeting Tuesday night and request the city give them more time to find housing.


Torres-Hill, now runs SLO Housing Connection, why? Because she looted the last position she held? Stealing gift cards clearly qualifies her for a newly appointed position to handle government money. Lack of morals, dishonesty and embezzlement auto qualifies you for a higher position. She and Hill of beans know that the government pays out to organizations with that free money. Administrative fees pay well. How low of a human being do you have to be to steal from the homeless? Maybe the make a wish foundation has an opening….


today non profits are a fund raising joke. funds are raised in the name of some cause, americans feel good, adminstrators like Dee are heavily compensated, and the crumbs leftover are distributed to some needy helpless soul in a propaganda scheme for next year’s fundraiser.


Clinton Foundation is perfect example. Remember the Clintons, left the White House broke and look what their non-profit has done for them… Torres-Hill should be good for a couple million a year and now her daughter Sophia is one of the officers of the non-profit. lol


Wish the county would clear out the homeless camps in Nipomo as well. So tired of drug and booze addled zombies wandering the streets. At least enforce the laws regarding public intoxication, for crying out loud! One of these days one of these people are going to wander out into traffic, and not only end their life, but ruin someone else’s as well.

Kaiser Bill

“At least enforce the laws regarding public intoxication, for crying out loud!”

Homeless people won’t pay the fines.

So our lazy local Police are content to rustle students and locals into Jail as they walk home from bars. They will pay their fines and thus pay the salaries of the Police.


Don’t forget the Tint-too-dark and No-Front-Plate hassles that are so popular. Such heroes… rolling stops when nothing is around but a lazy cop… you know, stuff that protects and serves… their job funding.


Dee Torres – the equivalent of an ambulance chasing lawyer when it comes to the homeless.

Does she have their best interests in mind or has she run out of gift cards since Christmas?


I really like the way someone put it a few days ago. She said: there are homeless on every corner. While I feel for the situation, it is not good for the rest of us.

I couldn’t agree more. If we are determined to live civilly, then having folks camping out and spewing their trash around is not a good idea. This goes for any central coast area, or amywhere for that matter.


let’s see how you are living when this whole ponzi scheme crashes….you will probably be begging these same homeless folk for survival tips.


At best, the homeless leave their feces and urine wherever convenient. I’ve found condom boxes next to my old apartment two blocks from Ramona Park. My neighbor found a used needle in the same area. Another neighbor found a needle at the park itself.

The homeless also like to keep pit bull type dogs. I once meet a lady struggling to hold a dog that looked stronger than her as the dog was struggling to get at a child walking by.


Torres “urged them to go to a council meeting and ask for more time to find housing” REALLY.

1) Like any of them are going to show up

2) the aroma will be wonderful

3) how long have they been homeless, and have they been looking for housing

4) I doubt Dee would go down there herself, she might get dirty

5)It is not like they are being evicted from an apt, and need more time to find housing.

6) Do they even trust gov’t and want housing. Most won’t go to shelters, they say those are the most dangerous places

7) Maybe Kristen Barniech will let them live with her since she is on the homeless council. She just stated they are looking at a 10 year plan, like that helps right now.


are you sure ten years is enough for KFB to get her head around any issue?


Maybe Dee Torres-Hill and Adam Hil can invite some of these folks in need to their home in the SLO Country Club area. She is just promoting her “SLO Housing Connection” where local developers and others needing political favors can donate to her non-profit and Adam’s retirement fund.

I sincerely ask, why do these people think they have a right to infringe in these areas and the creek areas. I lived near Stenner Creek in SLO and there were homeless up and down the creek, Their debri, drugs, hygiene habits, stealing and campfires were digusting, Their sense of entitlement was overwhelming.

I agree we need to find a place for the non=conforming homeless, and it is available in this County if the powers to be really want to solve this. You can look at the huts at the back of Cuesta College (O’Connor Way), Paso Robles Youth School (abandonned) just sitting there decaying, and how about an acre where a monitored campsite can be established. Some of these people do not, can’t and won’t conform to living in a regulated enviroment. We must still do something to accomodate their needs in some reasonable manner. We can put a man on the moon, we must be able to resolve some of these issues.

CAPSLO has worked on this for years and should continue to be the professional, ethnical and respected organization for this cause.


correction: you meant to say CAPSLO has enriched itself for years…….

Rich in MB

Maybe Mrs Torres-Hill can let them live in her backyard?


“The homeless were also warned they could be arrested if they did not leave.” Well, how about 1000 of us or so who aren’t homeless congregating there? I agree that area’s become a pit and amidst all of this the “prominent member of the local homeless services industry” has failed to police what he/she’s created.

That place would attract no attention whatsoever if they’d simply police themselves like the old timers did. We called them hobo’s or bums back then, right?


how dare you refer- to Dee Torres as “prominent”. Notorious ok.