No Hill in Avila Beach, debate civil

January 29, 2016
Dan Carpenter and Debbie Peterson

Dan Carpenter and Debbie Peterson


The Avila Beach Community Center was packed during Thursday night’s San Luis Obispo County District 3 supervisor debate, the first of the political season. The debate was unmoderated, without time limits and included only questions from members of the audience.

Sitting  Supervisor Adam Hill made a big show of skipping the debate, sending a statement to the New Times that he would not attend because he thought the open format could lead to a lack of civility and personal attacks. However, he failed to inform the debate sponsor, Integrity SLO, that he would not be attending.

Nevertheless, the debate was unusually civil as candidates San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter and former Grover Beach Mayor Debbie Peterson  fielded questions from the public.

When asked about his views on the urgency water ordinance passed by the current SLO County Board of Supervisors,  Carpenter questioned the passing of a law that requires a farmer who practiced dry farming during the drought to be required to buy water rights to switch to irrigated crops.

“I think they jumped the gun,” Carpenter said. “It takes away private property rights.”

Peterson also voiced her opposition to the ordinance saying the $1 million spent on monitoring water would have been better spent evaluating water options.

“It was a crock,” Peterson said. “We need to take that million dollars and get county workers to evaluate water options… and make a decision.”

Debate 6

In response to questions about the possibility of rolling back county employee salaries that with benefits have exceeded $300,000 to $400,000 a year, Peterson said public employment used to be viewed as service to the community. She questioned widening gaps in pay between management and staff.

Carpenter said that there is a need to negotiate salary reductions. He also voiced his opposition to using comparable cities chosen by the bargaining units to support pay increases.

At the podium, several members of the public voiced their approval of the format and also chastised Hill for not attending the debate.

“This is an amazing evening,” an Avila Beach resident said during the question and answer period. “Adam Hill is a friend of mine and it is sad that he did not think enough of Avila to show up.”

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What were the differences in the candidates opinions on issues brought up by the audience? Did they argee on all topics as shown in this article?

Mike Byrd

The audio of the event may be found here:


Thank you Mike Byrd!


We’ve long known that Hill is a fat tub of goo. Now we know he’s a coward as well. Quite a combination.

what the

Alright Sam, keep it clean. This is about civility. And Fire Adam Hill!!! Woot woot!


Jabba the Hill?


Adam’s reaction to last nights debate…..


Hill is not the “fat tub of goo”. That endearing nickname, courtesy of David Letterman, refers to Terry Forster, a 16 year MLB veteran reliever who was also a rare threat at the plate for a pitcher. And he’s a helluva nice guy. Adam Hill is none of the aforementioned.


the fact that Adam didn’t show up speaks volumes. It proves his inability to remain civil, communicate effectively, support his constituency, or simply answer the tough questions…all traits you would want in a supervisor.

don the beachcomber

To learn more on Adam Hill, go to:


Don this is about the forum last night not promoting your candidate


Citygirl, click before you speak. That YouTube is exposing Adam Hill for what he truly is!

Thomas A

Bravo slo! Fire Adam Hill!


Imagine that! The event was well attended, unmoderated, informative, AND civil.

I notice they even set the table for three, just in case A Hill decided to make an appearance.

I’m glad the candidates who attended got to share the limelight without a nasty distraction.

Doesn’t sound like Hill was missed after all, which proves the larger point…District 3 will be far better off with Dan or Debbie.

What a breath of fresh air for voters of District 3.


I expected no less of Peterson and Carpenter, as they are both decent individuals.

After attending the event, I sincerely hope the friend of Adam Hill considers voting for either of the two.


I have to say I had my doubts about how the forum would go, and it was a GREAT evening.

Unlike the league of women voters (lwv) who hold a lot of events, the people got to ask ANY question they wanted. Where the lwv choose what questions they feel are appropriate, don’t want anything to harsh, anything to nice, or showing favoritism to one candidate.So yu may or may not get your question asked, or answered under they forum

Everyone asked pertinent questions, and you could tell who knew their stuff and who didn’t. The audience was treated like adults and acted like adults, and since we are the ones they represent it was nice to have this access to them.

Kevin Rice had a brilliant idea that worked well looking back on the evening. I hope others have more events like this. There were well over 50 people there and in fact if you came just after 7 pm you would be standing. Only a small amount of folks were from Avila, the district as a whole had residents from all areas there asking questions. Even just a tiny pocket in AG that falls in this district had a resident come and ask question.

It was refreshing to see that much diversity from the district show up and be involved. For once it was an engaging evening of political concerns and not a boring meeting.

Quite a few people got up and asked questions, at times the line was 7 people deep or so. Neither candidate hogged the clock and at 8:45 there was no one waiting to ask questions.I can’t say enough good things about the evening. I think if things were done like this you would have more people participating in their city,county and state meetings.

It really made me feel like I count as a resident and voter, that they are concerned and want to see something change too.


I’m trying to figure out what content in this post would prompt 4 thumbs down ???


Civility haters know no bounds.


Adam, Dee, Bruce, Aaron.


The Four Stooges

Jim Anderson

The People vs Team Adam Hill Test Election

Thumbs Up for the People; Thumbs Down if you are for Team Adam Hill

You Decide.


Hill, Ochs, Poudrette, Ms. Hill

Mike Byrd

The event turned out t be informative and civil, and might be a format worth trying elsewhere. Maybe it’s good that the incumbent didn’t show up. The civility might not have been.

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