No Hill in Avila Beach, debate civil

January 29, 2016
Dan Carpenter and Debbie Peterson

Dan Carpenter and Debbie Peterson


The Avila Beach Community Center was packed during Thursday night’s San Luis Obispo County District 3 supervisor debate, the first of the political season. The debate was unmoderated, without time limits and included only questions from members of the audience.

Sitting  Supervisor Adam Hill made a big show of skipping the debate, sending a statement to the New Times that he would not attend because he thought the open format could lead to a lack of civility and personal attacks. However, he failed to inform the debate sponsor, Integrity SLO, that he would not be attending.

Nevertheless, the debate was unusually civil as candidates San Luis Obispo Councilman Dan Carpenter and former Grover Beach Mayor Debbie Peterson  fielded questions from the public.

When asked about his views on the urgency water ordinance passed by the current SLO County Board of Supervisors,  Carpenter questioned the passing of a law that requires a farmer who practiced dry farming during the drought to be required to buy water rights to switch to irrigated crops.

“I think they jumped the gun,” Carpenter said. “It takes away private property rights.”

Peterson also voiced her opposition to the ordinance saying the $1 million spent on monitoring water would have been better spent evaluating water options.

“It was a crock,” Peterson said. “We need to take that million dollars and get county workers to evaluate water options… and make a decision.”

Debate 6

In response to questions about the possibility of rolling back county employee salaries that with benefits have exceeded $300,000 to $400,000 a year, Peterson said public employment used to be viewed as service to the community. She questioned widening gaps in pay between management and staff.

Carpenter said that there is a need to negotiate salary reductions. He also voiced his opposition to using comparable cities chosen by the bargaining units to support pay increases.

At the podium, several members of the public voiced their approval of the format and also chastised Hill for not attending the debate.

“This is an amazing evening,” an Avila Beach resident said during the question and answer period. “Adam Hill is a friend of mine and it is sad that he did not think enough of Avila to show up.”

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fishing village

Adam Hill gets to make is own choice about attending.


Adam is supposed to represent the people, he can do whatever he wants to AFTER he gets FIRED.

fishing village

this isn’t his job


A poor choice indeed…his own choice. One obviously founded in fear, ignorance, and lack of civility. What a shame.


He’s our version of trump except he’s not rich, he’s fat, not rich,ugly and has a ghastly wife. Other than that, he’s quite trumpian.

what the

Adam Hill, Aaron, and the Shredder, are all idiots. They all clam that Kevin Rice falsely advertised that Adam would be at the event. Adam, the advertisement says that you were invited. You know that you were invited. The whole county knows that you didn’t show.

Quit complaining about it and just show up next time, freaking bozos.


Perhaps Mr. Hill would like to host such a forum. That would be the right thing to do.


I applaud the elderly locals for their attendance and sharing their views and concerns among us.


Hill is correct the open format could have led to a lack of civility and personal attacks. However since he chose not to attend the event was civil. Funny what the cause and effect is concerning Hill.


Sort of a self fulfilling prophecy, in a sense.



Kaiser Bill



Adam is a ridiculous social justice orc.

(((Politician))) Adam Hill posted an article about how to talk to white people about their own racism.

Trump speaks truth to power.

Adam engages in leftist dog whistling.

For example, Adam claims to be Pro environment when it comes to oil drilling in Price Canyon or development in Wild Cherry Canyon near Avila.

But we all know Adam is in the pockets of (((Attorney))) John Belsher and (((Developer))) Gary Grossman.

Connect the dots.


You have got to be kidding.


Are you serious? Like it or not, Trump is smart, accomplished and wealthy. Hill is none of these.

what the

Considering how much developer money Adam Hill makes on the down low, he could be considered Little Trump in slo. No?


No, Trump makes some of his money actually doing the developments where as Adam Hill makes his money voting for the developers, big difference


Well, I am ONE person here that knows what you mean. Apparently, those that responded to your post aren’t as smart as they fancy themselves to be. Pretty amazing, actually, that so many people don’t get the obvious. You are absolutely correct. Good post.


Well, I hate explaining the obvious to people, but since Mensa’s presence isn’t in great supply here, i will explain. Trump refused to attend a debate because he was afraid of Megyn Kelly. Ass Hill refused to attend this debate because he was afraid of Kevin Rice, therefore, Trump=Hill.

Kaiser Bill

In the words of Lloyd Bentsen, Adam Hill is no Donald Trump.

He can ill afford to skip debates.

Adam Hill is going to get schlonged this election.

(((Politician))) Adam Hill will finish third this election, and move back to New Jersey.

just the facts

Congrats to Kevin Rice for promoting a new type of a candidate forum! Proud of you Kevin! Great to see you getting positive recognition from the citizens in the community after many years of taking ‘guff’ from the Hill cabal! Hats off to you!

Thomas A

I’ll second that. What a tremendous gift Kevin Rice gave the people of slo. Thank you Kevin. It sounds like it will be the gift that keeps on giving. Maybe Adam Hill would like to attend the next one?