Santa Maria man arrested for stealing diapers

January 24, 2016

diaperWith guns drawn, Santa Maria police arrested a 24-year-old Santa Maria man who was suspected of stealing diapers from the Walmart on Bradley Road on Saturday afternoon, police said.

At approximately 3:30 p.m., Joseph Dollette told a loss prevention employee of Walmart he had a gun in his backpack and was a member of a prison gang. Dollette then fled with the infant hygiene products.

The threats intimidated the employee who allowed Dollette to flee before he called law enforcement, police said.

Shortly afterwards, police found Dollette at a nearby gas station parking lot. Officers surrounded Dollette’s vehicle and he surrendered.

Officers did not find a gun and later determined Dollette was not a gang member. Because of the threats, police arrested Dollette for robbery.


Will some bleeding heart please buy this guy some diapers for his baby. At least the scumbag hasn’t totally abandoned his kid(s) like most of them do,


You…in there…come out with your diapers in the air!!!


There are charitable agencies out there that donate items such as diapers, clothing, formula to families in need. I am not sure about Santa Maria, but people can call 211 in SLO county to be connected to resources. There are programs that can help. It is sad that this person felt the need to steal to get what he needed. It wasn’t like he was stealing beer, and had he just asked the Walmart management for some sympathy, it would have been much better than frightening them with a weapon. Depending on this investigation, if facts determine this young person made an error in judgment, I truly hope they do not throw the book at him.

Francesca Bolognini

I know how fashionable it is in the era of the Uber Troll, Trump, to be a hard ass and resort to name calling and anger in this situation. However, I am of the opinion that we are actually better creatures underneath the fear of and anger at a failed system. I am saddened by this story, because it illustrates desperation in the face of attempting to meet the needs of a child. This family is obviously desperately in need of better social services. The job market is abysmal and pay is often horribly inadequate. Imagine how stressed out (yes, and possibly drugs or mental illness is involved) someone would have to be before this move seemed like the best option? It was the very wrong thing to do, but some compassion would be in order here. But maybe that is just me.


Santa Maria’s police budget is $35M per year. Cut that in half and people have money left over to spend on all kinds of things, including diapers.

Kaiser Bill

What the hell does a man stealing diapers have to do with Donald Trump?

Also, Dolette could have taught his child to use the toilet.


Francesca Bolognini says “I am saddened by this story, because…”

Oh, for God’s sake, Francesca- get a frickin’ life. The prick got caught stealing diapers from a Walmart. He probably steals everything he gets from stores- this time he just happened to get caught.

Would “… some compassion… be in order here” if he would instead have been caught stealing a bottle of whiskey or a carton of cigarettes?

Man, when do you people grow up? Or do you ever?

Francesca Bolognini

And there you go, making my point.


I am so glad I don’t live, work or have family living in Santa Maria. Sad for the Police Dept to deal ith daily, but that is what the City Management want to deal with. Just keep is down there!


back ease police are citing kids who shovel snow for money because they dont have proper permits….


Shades of Raising Arizona!


Sad for the little one who needs the diapers.


watta bunch of $#@&