Teen arrested for murdering her newborn

January 27, 2016

hand cuffs 1Santa Maria police arrested a 15-year-old girl Wednesday for allegedly murdering her newborn infant, police said. The infant is the sixth person murdered in Santa Maria in 2016.

On Sunday, staff at Marian Regional Medical Center informed law enforcement of suspicious circumstances regarding a recent home birth. Investigators then searched the teen’s home and found the infant’s body.

An autopsy revealed the infant had died from traumatic injuries and officers opened a murder investigation, police said.

Because of her age, the teen’s name is not being released.

Officers would like to remind the community that there are resources available to help prevent unwanted pregnancies or assist those in crisis to deal with unexpected pregnancies.


I reserve judgment.

The autopsy says traumatic injury. My question is, “by whom?” People can assume the 15 year old did it, but it could have been anyone having access to the teen and baby.

When I was in nursing school, there was a 12 year old being hospitalized and treated for tuberculosis. She was pretty sick. She was also 5 months pregnant and Spanish speaking. Family was with her at all times. Social Services came in and demanded to speak with her alone. She wouldn’t say a word.

Just a thought. It’s all so sad when you think of the lives forever changed.


Babies having babies…in the absence of family values, parental responsibility, education, ans a sense of community. A perfect storm.Sad.



It was a question and if you knew anything about the Mexican culture as I do you would know that these young women are considered eligible to men at 15. It’s called The quinceañera its a celebration for latin girls who are turning fifteen. Get a Clue and get out of denial Paragon Santa Maria has a big problem. I would say 8 dead with one being a newborn murdered by a 15 year old is pretty serious! I asked the question because it would make sense that this young woman would be preyed upon by men she knows.

My next question is who was the father. That would answer alot of ???. Get a clue Paragon this is a culture war coming to a neighborhood close to you and yours! Good luck sherlock!


OK, please put down the crack pipe. How does Mexican culture have anything to do with this? Nowhere in this article does it say anything about her being Mexican. Are you just being a huge racist by assuming that any mother who kills her baby must be Mexican? Or are you the father, since you seem have inside unpublished knowledge about this case.


Where were her parents???


What a tragic event. A Fifteen year old girl kills her newborn baby. There is help out there, but maybe this girl was threatened by who ever impregnated her. It may have been someone living at the same residence as the girl. She may even have been protecting a boyfriend.

If the guy is over the age of eighteen then he needs jail sentence not the girl. Hope she gets the help she is going to need..


This crime wave is a reflection of the people who live within the community, period.

Most law enforcement agencies have documented gang members in photo albums from previous arrest. You really want to nip this in the bud? Start eliminating the members in the “clubs” gangs, books.


What a sad state of affairs in Santa Maria. You wonder what the rest of the story is here? What was this young woman’s story? Is she a child of a recent immigrant family? Was she afraid to tell her parents of her pregnancy? Did she have any support network outside her immediate family? How on earth does a pregnancy go undetected in a 15 year old? What does this say about the current state of our culture?

With all of the outreach that is available in Santa Maria and the NGO’s, Churches ETC and all the Money being spent there to supposedly help young people how on earth does this happen? Alice Patino and Bob Orach always talking about how compassionate Santa Maria is and how they reach out with all the programs available in their City this is just another indication how very sad and bad the situation is in Santa Maria. Remember since December 26 2015 a total of 8 murdered now! God help you Santa Maria this is just the beginning your Citys negligence, incompetence and denial are on clear display to all of us out here.

I know one thing for sure however, God has taken that baby’s spirit into paradise now and the child is at peace with him. God forgive that young woman.


“Is she a child of a recent immigrant family?”

I fail to see how that question is relevant or appropriate. Are you suggesting the children of recent immigrants are more likely to get pregnant at a young age and kill their children? My parents were immigrants from Canada, so are you implying I’m more likely to kill my children?


When are the Santa Maria police going to get off their asses and start doing something about the gangs down in that city. They can bring in santa Barbara S.O. and work together to get a handle on this problem.

Is this the 7th or 8th death this month, let alone this year in Santa Maria. There are some major problems in that town and I sure as hell hope they don’t cross the bridge and come north.

At the rate they are going they will well surpass the 16 deaths last year, they are almost half way there and we are not 30 days into the new year.


OMG, it just keeps getting worse! Our moral compass is so distorted in this Country maybe in the whole world. I find it difficult everyday to read the news and see these daily types of behaviors likes rapes, murders, beheading, bombings, threats, shootings, protests, camapaign dysfunctions, prison breakouts for the worst of human beings and hatred for everything against everyone!

It is a way to break us down as a society and our government and politicians have done a greaat job. Divide and conquer does work…