Woman hit and killed by train in SLO

January 5, 2016

ambulance 4An Amtrak train struck and killed a woman in San Luis Obispo Monday night. [KSBY]

The accident occurred around 8:40 p.m. at a train crossing near Industrial Way. Police and fire personnel responded and found the woman near The Graduate.

The victim is reportedly a 54-year-old transient. She was still alive and conscious when emergency personnel located her.

An ambulance transported her to Sierra Vista hospital. Doctors pronounced her dead about an hour after she arrived.

Authorities have yet to release the woman’s identity.

Police are still investigating the incident. No foul play is suspected.


It is sad that such a wonderful happy loving woman passed let alone by getting killed by a train. I have known this woman for several years now it is sad to know that she is gone! Yes she was a drunk yes she was homeless but that doesnt mean anything. What matters hear is that a woman died And before anyone asks I am not releasing any personal information about who she was and please stop turning this into a political stand point on homelessness why waist your time griping on here when you won’t do anything about where it really matters


There was services, meals, showers, housing, clothing, counseling, etc. available. I am not sure what u r saying. People sometimes chose their life style or can go to the many resources available in this County.

May she RIP and may more come forward to get help!


Is this really the best we have to offer our homeless community? Shameful.


Are you suggesting there was more that the first responders could have done to save her? Please elaborate.


My comment has NOTHING to do with the first responders and EVERYTHING to do with the way we address (or don’t) the homeless community here in SLO…


Well then your comment has NOTHING to do with this incident. You haven’t even tried to explain how one is connected to the other. How can you claim that this woman was on the tracks in the path of the train due to the way we address the homeless community? She could have been on the tracks for any number of reasons and it is possible there was nothing anyone could do to stop her.


Any names yet? So sad.