Adam Hill won’t address campaign finance irregularities

February 25, 2016
Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill


San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill has responded with insults and claims of harassment to questions about his latest campaign filing report.

In his 460 report for the last six months of 2015, Hill reported $2,461.72 paid for Facebook advertising through his personal account as a “non-monetary expense.”

While a candidate can donate as much as they like to their campaign, they must put that money into their campaign account first, and purchase the advertising from there, according to campaign finance laws.

In addition, Hill reported a non-monetary donation of $30 for whiskey, snacks and CDs for a raffle.

Jay Wierenga, communications director with the Fair Political Practices Commission, was asked this week about claiming payments for advertising as a non-monetary expense. Wierenga said that generally the candidate would “either have to pay the credit card bill from campaign funds or the candidate would have to put personal funds into the campaign bank account and then pay the bill.”

“The bill should not be paid for from personal funds directly,” Wierenga wrote in an email. “Generally speaking, all campaign expenditures should be paid for by and with campaign funds.”

Last week, activist Ron Crawford sent Sharon McMahan, Hill’s campaign treasurer, an email asking if Hill’s donations to his campaign “are correctly listed in the ‘non-monetary contributions received.’ ”

McMahan did not respond to the email. Instead, Hill pronounced Crawford’s questions as annoying his campaign — and then refused to answer those questions.

“Please stop bothering my campaign staff,” Hill responded on Feb. 22 from his county email address.

In response to CalCoastNews questions about the Facebook ads and donation from the SLO County Democratic Party, Hill castigated a reporter in a string of increasingly contentious emails. Last year, Phillips 66 made a $5,000 donation and PG&E made a $6,000 donation to the SLO County Democratic Party during a filing period the only candidate the party provide a donation to was Hill.

Again Hill declined to answer the questions. Hill instead repeats a false assertion he and an affiliate often make — that a reporter has a history of mental illness.

In one email Karen Velie asks, “Both PG&E and Philips 66 gave more than $5,000 to the central committee and the only candidate the central committee gave money to is you. Also please
explain the Facebook ads. The requirements for disclosure are to provide transparency.”

Hill responds with untrue claims that Velie crawled under a table in a creative writing class Hill taught more than 10 years ago.

“Certainly I am at the center of all your crazed conspiracies,” Hill wrote. “Let me know if we can help you find some mental healthcare; you’ve needed it for a long time now, ever since you fell apart in my class and you crawled under the table crying. Who knows what your life would be like had you gotten the help you need.”

Hill has had issues with his financial disclosures in the past.

In Feb. 2015, Hill was fined $2,500 for failing to properly maintain campaign records during his 2012 bid for the District 3 seat, according to the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC).

A random audit conducted by the California Franchise Tax Board on all 2012 San Luis Obispo County Supervisor candidates revealed that Hill failed to timely report fifteen payments of $500 or more, totaling $68,058.73 and that the other four candidates had prepared financial statements that were substantially accurate and complete.


What this clown doesn’t realize is that his B.S. has been spotted by those all around him, he has reached the upper limit of his intellect and the effects of his Karma will be swooping down upon him sooner than later.


You folks really need to get off Ass Hill’s case. You should be directing your anger at the fools that keep voting for him.

I am still waiting for Hill to threaten me like he did Carpenter.


Poor Adam. And he thought he was performing a good deed when he ran his car into the Morro Bay Del Taco, thinking that would help ventilate the reported gas leak he heard about on his police scanner. So what if, in the after-crash commotion, he helped himself to a chalupa 12-pack and XL Mountain Dew? He remains an upstanding citizen-servant, in a literal sense, as long as he’s up standing. In a factual sense, Adam, you embarrass us. G’bye.


OMG, if there were only a Morro Bay Del Taco. If Adam Hill can bring us one he’s got my vote, even if he runs his car into it. Del Taco is Taco Bell on steroids, better, fresher, cheaper. $1 for the equivalent of a $1.79 Taco Bell Taco Supreme (but better). Employees who don’t just fire the sour cream gun at one end and toss s**t around, as well as serve good burgers, fries and real burritos, as well as cheaper, better versions of the Taco Bell ones. Del Taco is a family owned company and the employees have pride in their work that shows in the product. The taco version of In ‘N Out. The ONLY good thing about SoCal is that Del Taco controls entire areas that are Taco Bell-free because they would get no business. There are 2 Del Tacos in Santa Maria. There was once one in Atascadero.


As a resident of District 3, I emphatically state that Adam Hill does NOT represent me.

Call me “right-leaning” or “left-leaning” all you want, but my only leaning is AWAY from Adam Hill.

How bad are you at your appointed job when so many voters cannot stand you? Most residents/voters/ratepayers are apathetic to government. When so many folks are vocally and vociferously opposed to their elected official, that’s pretty telling, in my book.

Take a look around, Adam Hill. Outside of those in your inner circle you shield yourself with, you are not welcome pretty much anywhere.

Also, it’s very noted that you do not show your face anywhere in the 5Cities, to walk amongst “us commoners”. I see Debbie Peterson at local meetings, at local businesses and on our local streets – talking to the people – just as she did when mayor of Grover Beach.

I’m for a REAL person representing me in District 3, not a real shifty person.

The status quo has got to go. TDLA Adam Hill.

Thomas A

Let’s send this accidental politician, Adam Hill, back to New Jersey. Fire Adam Hill 2016!


Just a quick clarification to this story:

“CCN Staff” writes:

“… activist Ron Crawford…

To be very, very clear, I am not an “activist.” I don’t care enough to be an activist. All I’m interested in (and all I’ve ever been interested in) is a good story, and a politician “contributing” thousands of dollars of “Facebook Ads” to his own campaign, when there’s a category in the “payments made” section of the 460 specifically for “ads,” has my journalism senses tingling.

And, Adam, as long as you’re reading this (and I know you are), I have another question for you: What’s your definition of “Ad?”

In other words, Hill could be paying (out of his own pocket) someone/people to sneak around on Facebook and post disparaging comments about his opponents/critics, and then he simply defines those posts as “Facebook ads,” that he “contributed” (for write-off purposes, I’m assuming) to his own campaign.

And, IF that’s the case, then it’s the exact same scenario I exposed at this link:

… where I show how Supervisor Gibson pays his little “evil genius in the back room,” Tom Fulks, tens of thousands of dollars to sneak around on the Internet and (at least attempt to) character-assassinate anyone (especially media-types) that’s critical of Gibson, and THAT’s why my journalism senses are tingling with Adam’s donated “Facebook Ads.”

I’m starting to detect a pattern amongst the left-leaning (and, I’m sure, right-leaning, as well) Supervisors in their campaign tactics… a sneaky, little, “back room” pattern, and aren’t we all growing REEEEELLY tired of the sneaky, “back room” crap? (By the way, the answer to that question is, “Yes.”)

Finally, as long as I’m here, I can add a funny little tid-bit to this story: After I emailed Hill’s Treasurer, Sharon McMahan, to ask her a technical question about his campaign’s 460 (because the 460 has her name and email address attached to it), and Adam (read: not Sharon) replied, “Please stop bothering my campaign staff,” I took his suggestion, and, instead, “bothered” him directly with my question, and THEN he never replied.

[Uh, dude, I now know that the County’s email server actually does work, because you replied, “stop bothering my campaign staff,” to my initial email to Sharon, so why not answer the question? I know you got my second email.]

See? Funny.

Thomas A

Stay tuned, Fire Adam Hill is releasing it’s next TV commercial today!

Fire Adam Hill 2016!!


People need to wake up. Adam Hill is mentally ill, maybe due to substance abuse or maybe due to a personality defect. He constantly spits in the face of the constituents he is supposed to represent. Vote for either Peterson or Carpenter in June and then those two can have a real campaign that properly represents the people of district three for the November election.


Debbie Peterson had a radio ad on today and mentioned getting rid of him!


He really either has 1) mental defection or 2) a substance abuse issue or multiply abuses.

Everyone should remember, this is a human that walked out on his family, did not pay the bills for at least 30 days in, stripped the bank funds and moved in with Dee Torres.

Then these two claim to be so concerned and advocates of the homeless but didn’t care about his ex-wife and her kids. What type of human being would do that, certainly not a honest, trustworthy caring person. This man is a fake!

What every happen to the fake story about getting life threats and needing protection from the Sheriff’s Dept at his home at the Country Club on his $85,000 salary. That is a legimate question to be asked to his campaign. I see him and Dee eating/drinking out all of this County and that costs lots of money for a family of 4-5! Federal IRS needs to audit him…

just the facts

Dan Carpenter and his army of volunteers walked the entire 3rd District connecting with 11,000+ voter households. Vote for Dan Carpenter for Supervisor on June 7!


To get Adam’s goat- Be sure to visit New Times online to vote:

BEST CONTROVERSY OR SCANDAL John Wallace conflict of interest at San District


BEST USE of TEAXPAYER’s MONEY Not building the new Briscoe interchange




You must vote for 30 items for your vote to count! Have Fun!


Best NONPROFIT CapSLO??? I know you are trying to get under his skin but I just can’t go with you on that. They in many respects are just as bad as Mr. Hill, both need to go.


New category!

BEST WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING: AG Councilwoman Barbara Harmon.


Definitely agree, she needs to be one and gone…..


While I agree with almost 100% of your choices, I fear New Times may not be truthful in reporting the results if Adam Hill wins (as he should) ANNOYING PUBLIC FIGURE.

Similar to Aaron Oachs @ CCF, the Shredder also has a sick NAMBLA love for Hill.