Who benefits from a water district?

February 15, 2016

vineyardsMore than two years ago, CalCoastNews published the first of a three-part series, “Eyes on Your Water,” examining the people, the politics, and the provable prevarications behind the proposed Paso Robles Basin water district.

The series, written by Senior Correspondent Daniel Blackburn, reported on the movers and shakers promoting the district plan — some of the state’s largest water figures — who may have ulterior motives beyond those being presented to North County voters. With a mail-in election concluding in March, this series takes on new and important significance.

Who needs the district? And why? “Local control” — proponents’ primary claim for its justification — actually has little to do with the current plan. Rather, with a new district emerges the opportunity for great profits for a very few.

Is the the public’s interest being served by this water district proposal?

Read the entire series, and decide for yourself.

Is water banking in SLO County’s future?

Paso water group wields major-league muscle

A crafted perception of water district ‘cooperation’


Who benefits from a water district? by CalCoastNews

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Who benefits from a water district?


You are witnessing the growth of a bureaucracy….plain and simple.

“Let them drink wine”

This all is not over yet. Adam Hill and Bruce Gibson are snakes and they are looking for another elected person to jam water regulation down our throats.

Elect John Peschong 1st District Supervisor

Elect Debbie Arnold 5th District Supervisor

and for sure

Elect Dan Carpenter 3rd District Supervisor

Get the Bully Adam Hill out and have a grand slam

Allow a 4 to 1 voting ability on this board. We need to clean up the mess Caren Ray, Bruce Gibson, Adam Hill and Frank Mecham created!

What a legacy Frank you turned on the voters and they let you know big time by voting down the Water District that you helped set up….

For starters the County has spent over $500, 000.00 of your money to promote the creation of a Water District. Obviously revenue sources are what is important not maintaining roads, a real public benefit. Who would of thought that our tax dollars would be heavily spent for the creation of new taxes. This is a classic example of the new State promoted, “Self Help Counties”. The State is broke and can’t return as much to the tax collecting counties. Keep this mind-set, don’t be fooled by excuses.

Thanks CCN for this. I hadn’t read the articles and had questions. Terrific Job!

Who needs the district? :

There is already local control over drainage and water districts run by SLO County Public works, under Wade Horton.

“Provides public services related to the safe and efficient movement of traffic on the 1310 miles of County maintained roadways; engineering and surveying review of proposed land development; administration and operation of various water and waste water wholesale and retail facilities, including the Nacimiento Water Supply and Los Osos Waste Water projects; long term master water planning; and franchise administration for the unincorporated areas.”

I feel for the residents/landowners that overly the basin. The majority in number own the minority of land, however the large landowners will bennifit, by renting storage space in the basin, to people that have paper water that was oversold by the state. If you vote yes be prepared to frill deeper wells because you can’t drink paper. Be prepared to pay for miles of Inferstructure to service the large land owners. Be prepared to pay for pumping stations to Transfer water to the customers in Socal and or the Valley that deposit paper in your basin.

Good luck and God speed.

Yep, you are absolutely correct.

We should all keep in mind that the $30k, 40k or even $50k to drill a new well will be significantly less expensive than the Tax Liens that will be placed on our properties to pay for the District Infrastructure to transfer our real water out of the basin. Regardless of weather or not the infrastructure goes in, you are still going to be responsible for your well on your property, the District is NOT going to run a pipe to your house and allow you to abandon your well. I hate getting ripped off!