Burger King employee crashes car through entrance

February 1, 2016

Following an alleged prank call at the Morro Bay Burger King on Saturday evening, a restaurant employee crashed his car through the front entrance and then crashed into part of the drive through.

Employees claim they began breaking out restaurant windows after receiving the prank call from a person who said there was a gas leak at the Burger King. Employees then broke out more than a dozen windows and one employee crashed his dodge through the front doors, allegedly to provide ventilation.

Brian Jagger was driving by and caught part of the action on video.


“Holy crap, I just watched a team of Burger King employees wreak havoc on the Burger King in Morro Bay,” Jagger wrote on Facebook. “Right when I rolled up, they had just finished busting all of the windows out and the guy in the white dodge had just smashed it it through the front doors.”

The Morro Bay public safety team, including both the police and fire departments, responded to the possible gas leak. However, upon arrival, fire fighters found the damage to the facility but no gas leak.

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Supervisor Adam Hill! Enough already with the crank phone calls!

Well it wouldn’t be the first time that Adam Hill made a prank phone call!


How dumb can these people be??!!

I’ll be back.

I think what we have here is a bunch of drunk or stoned employees thrashing the place, then making up the story about the prank phone call. I think the stupid people are the ones that believe that this is anything more than vandalism by the employees.

First off, I can see someone falling for a prank, but I can’t see all the employees falling for it. Secondly, no sober person drives a car into a building that is said to have a gas leak.

I was just going to say it’s an inside job. Nobody is that stupid. Well, almost nobody…

Well- whatsinaname and shelworth- I hate to tell you this, if you don’t think that people could possibly be that stupid, then you really need to watch this YouTube clip that mej posted in comments following the original CCN Burger King fiasco:


That clip is about a similar “prank” call to a McDonalds in Kentucky about a dozen years ago. It is 24-minutes long, so I figured that I’d watch only maybe the first 3-4 minutes of it and then move on to other matters. But the people in that case were so utterly astonishingly stupid that I watched the entire segment all the through to the end, because I kept thinking that it couldn’t possibly get any worse, but then it continually did.

And, as the report indicates, that Kentucky case was only one of dozens of similar incidents all over the country back then. The stupidity in these cases is so utterly severe that it is downright scary.

Actually, all you have to do is attend a BOS meeting to realize that people can, and are this stupid.

Holy Cow, indeed!

And these are the people who want $15.00 per hour.

Yes but what they dont realize is a burger king whopper then doubles in price. even with the employee discount.

Look up Asch’s Compliance Study.

Being dense enough to break the windows out was bad enough, but smashing into the building with your car is nothing short of hilarious. Thanks for the entertainment for the day.

You need to be a special kind of idiot to fall for that prank. No mere idiot would be THAT dumb.

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