Burger King employee crashes car through entrance

February 1, 2016

Following an alleged prank call at the Morro Bay Burger King on Saturday evening, a restaurant employee crashed his car through the front entrance and then crashed into part of the drive through.

Employees claim they began breaking out restaurant windows after receiving the prank call from a person who said there was a gas leak at the Burger King. Employees then broke out more than a dozen windows and one employee crashed his dodge through the front doors, allegedly to provide ventilation.

Brian Jagger was driving by and caught part of the action on video.


“Holy crap, I just watched a team of Burger King employees wreak havoc on the Burger King in Morro Bay,” Jagger wrote on Facebook. “Right when I rolled up, they had just finished busting all of the windows out and the guy in the white dodge had just smashed it it through the front doors.”

The Morro Bay public safety team, including both the police and fire departments, responded to the possible gas leak. However, upon arrival, fire fighters found the damage to the facility but no gas leak.

Burger King 7

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Some one should slap these people’s parents.

You so ugly, when you was born the doctor slapped your momma.

Years ago, someone tagged a sign on south Bay Blvd. that said “Welcome to Morro Bay” changing to read “Welcome to Moron Bay”…I now see why.

You know, this is very close to becoming a nominee for a Darwin Award. A car with a hot running engine driven into a building in which it is thought there is a natural gas leak…..very scary!

Adam Hill again. I bet he was also the guy who drove the bus into the railroad trestle last week.

How many medallions did this one cost you Adam?

Well they are tearing the roof off of the place today….must be a gas leak in the ceiling.

starting to wonder if the whole “prank call” was an excuse for wreaking havoc on the burger king.

Last week my daughter and I watched a Law & Order episode in which a prank caller (Robin Williams) manipulated the store manager into strip searching and molesting an employee under the guise that she was a thief and he was a detective.

Sounds eerily similar.

Check these kids Netflix viewing habits.

Search youtube. Law and Order got that idea from an actual incident.

This is one of the reasons I never eat fast food. Imagine how the kitchen is run by these morons

Adam Hill has proposed that all BK’s be replaced by CJ’s because they appeal to a better clientele.