Mountain lions eating more California pets

February 15, 2016

Mountain-LionMountain lions are increasingly eating cats and dogs in the Golden State, according to a California Department of Fish and Wildlife report. [SF Chronicle]

Last year, California residents legally killed 107 mountain lions under depredation permits. Scientists then analyzed the stomach contents of 83 of those mountain lions.

Of the mountain lions examined, at least 52 percent had eaten cats, dogs or other domestic animals. Eighteen percent of the mountain lions had stomach contents too digested to be identified.

Only 5 percent had eaten deer, which are considered to be the favorite prey of mountain lions. Deer are harder to catch than house cats.

Nine percent of the mountain lions had empty stomachs.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife warns pet owners to keep their cats inside and their dogs on leashes if they live near open space or are visiting park land.

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Maybe send that wrestler out into the wilderness to break the mountain lions necks with his bare hands.

Oh wait…never mind.