SLO driver hits pedestrian, offers bribe

February 17, 2016

Police carSan Luis Obispo police are searching for a driver who hit a pedestrian and fled after failing to bribe the victim. [KSBY]

Around 5 p.m. Tuesday, a car collided with an adult male at the intersection of High Street and Higuera Street, according to SLOPD. The driver then stopped, offered the victim money and asked him not to talk to the police, the man said.

The victim said he refused the money and instructed the driver to wait for police to arrive. The driver then drove off.

Police say the victim is suffering from back pain and injuries to his elbow.

Officers describe the suspect as a man in his 20s. He was reportedly driving a white or light blue Toyota Celica, and a female passenger was in the car.

Investigators are requesting anyone who sees a car matching the description to call police.

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A new kind of Uber driver perhaps?

It’s not a “bribe” to offer a settlement, nor is it illegal. Not including leaving the scene anyway. Poor word choice in the headline. KSBY didn’t use that term and I don’t think it applies. The guy probably has warrants. Should’ve taken the dough. Now you’ve got bupkiss.

” A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

Maybe the driver offered a personal check that was from another state?

All that money going toward pensions, policing, neighborhood wellness, etc and you can’t get a camera on a busy 5 WAY intersection?? What are those cameras up there for anyway?

The New Times did an excellent story on June 17th, 2009 about what “those cameras” in SLO are up there for. To quote the article:

“The cameras are designed only for traffic monitoring and signal maintenance—and officials say that’s all they’re going to be used for, at least for now. But the road from traffic monitoring to surveillance isn’t exactly a rough commute. The images aren’t recorded and there is no system to do so now, but there could be. Only a select few traffic engineers are allowed to view the images, but a bureaucratic switch could quickly provide others access. ”

Who knows if this policy has changed, but personally I’m happy without the extra state surveillance in my life.

Policy has not changed.

Apparently the bribe didn’t match the amount anticipated from a ‘back pain’ settlement.

Apparently the victim who had the wherewithal to say no to the bribe didn’t have the same to get the plate number?

Too bad SLO doesn’t have a high tech camera system like Arroyo Grande to catch crimes, oh wait a minute AG’s systems seems to have some technical problems, especially when tea party’s are involved

How many white Toyota Celica’s are there in the area….. ???? Dah.

You’re assuming the person is even from the area. And I doubt the police are going to expend much effort in finding this person when there was no serious injury or death involved.