Cal Poly admits miscalculating administrator pay

March 3, 2016
President Jeffrey Armstrong

President Jeffrey Armstrong

Cal Poly officials have admitted to miscalculating administrator pay in a report released last month. University officials initially said administrator pay decreased last year, but it actually increased, according to Cal Poly’s new figures. [Tribune]

In February, Cal Poly released a report stating administrator pay decreased by $71,000 from Oct. 2014 to Oct. 2015. The university now says administrator pay rose by $93,000 year over year.

The $164,000 error occurred due to miscalculations relating to 14 positions.

Cal Poly’s faculty union, which is currently threatening to take part in a CSU system-wide strike, has recently criticized the university’s increase in spending on administrative pay since President Jeffrey Armstrong took over in 2011.

University officials say Cal Poly added 21 management positions between Oct. 2014 and Oct. 2015. The $93,000 increase in administrator pay is due to replacements, retirements, the creation of new positions and the reclassification of others, according to the university.

Faculty union president Graham Archer said an additional 21 positions is administrative bloat. Archer also said $93,000 is understating the cost of adding those jobs. The cost may total $1 million, Archer said.

Armstrong said 66 administrators were hired between 2010 and 2014. Of those hirings, 74 percent were for lower level positions with an average salary of $75,098, Armstrong said.

Cal Poly’s president also said the university was hit by the Great Recession prior to his arrival and was at its lowest point in number of employees.

Archer said administrators keep on breeding like bunnies.

In 2014-2015, Cal Poly employed 245 people in management positions, according to the university. The total compensation for those positions was $33.6 million.

The CSU’s faculty union is currently in a bargaining dispute with the system’s chancellor’s office. Union representatives are demanding a 5 percent salary hike for CSU faculty members, while the chancellor’s office is offering a 2 percent salary increase.

Faculty union officials are planing a five-day strike in April if their demands are not met.


What the problem with a little difference of $164,000 among us friends. Plus Armstrong collects that much in a few weeks.


Fuzzy math at a state entity, imagine that.

Jorge Estrada

Donaldo Trump will have a fix for cutting admin costs.

Rich in MB

Craig Hill….is that you?


66 administrators in 4 years… administrative bloat is right!


its like with other government programs, when the increase is smaller than what they wanted, its actually a decrease, so in their mind, it probably is a decrease.


“Archer said administrators keep on breeding like bunnies.” Gotta love ya, Graham!


I got my bunny fixed, just sayin’


No biggie. I make $164,000 mistakes all the time. I don’t agree with the concept of public employee unions, but with this nonsense, I can begin to understand why they want to strike.

Rich in MB

But how does striking for more pay help with the out of control administration’s pay?

Apples and Oranges and both are Rotten!

Cathy S.

True, but if they pay the Professors a living wage there won’t be as much money left in the pot to keep diverting all the State dollars to Administrators.


shocking…time to raise tuition/fees again. College education has become a scheme of enriching those at the institution by impoverishing those who attend.

The state of student debt is a complete disaster in this country and when the defaults start pouring in it will make the subprime mortgage issue of 2008 look like a bump in the road.

The administrators won’t care because they’ll have been paid.

Rich in MB

Folks…is anyone really surprised?

The elite must have more money…we must have higher fees and tuition to support them…why? If they don’t like their Jobs in SLO…let them move to Bakersfield, their is a line out of the Country for one of these cush admin and teaching jobs in SLO….so it’s time to start hiring and letting the unhappy hit the road, I hear Bako has lots of openings!