Argument turns deadly at Toys “R” Us parking lot

April 16, 2016

Caution_TapeAn argument between a mother and daughter at the Santa Maria Toys “R” Us parking lot ended with one one dead and the other injured.

Kimberly Wilson, 55, was sitting in the driver’s seat of her car and her daughter Brandy Wilson, 34, was standing by the open passenger door while the pair argued. Kimberly Wilson then backed up hitting her daughter with the car door and knocking her underneath the vehicle.

Brandy Wilson died at the scene.

Emergency personnel transported Kimberly Wilson the Marian Medical Center where she was treated for her injuries.

Officers interviewed Kimberly Wilson before releasing her. Investigators found evidence of drug use at the scene. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.


I have withdrawn myself from looking at Cal Coast News lately, because it was seeming as if they had “sold out”. By sold out, I mean that their main goal is like the other news sources–in that they intentionally set out to give the impression horrible things are going on constantly (and even reached out of the county to do it). In reality that is not true at all. We live in a beautiful area and it was such a really great weekend over all.

I just am sickened at what has become of agencies that report the news. It causes us to feel unsafe, and studies show that only reporting negative news can actually impair a human immune system.

I need to delete the link. It isn’t getting any better. I feel measurably different after checking in to see how life in our area is going after a wonderful weekend–and not in a good way.


my love goes out to your family and to you Brandy

was HUGE loss

to ALL of us


jonhartz you r an a-s

you don’t know who you are talking about

Brandy was an AWESOME person to know

I think you need to stick to things you know and understand

and stop talking like you a member of society

because we don’t want you if you have no compassion


“Stupid Is as stupid does”…Forrest Gump.


Another news source basically says mom was homeless living in the Jeep and had a history of drug use. The victim didn’t have an address, so was probably homeless too. People with a long history of drug use have minimal coping skills outside of drugs, so they don’t handle conflict well. Seems like what should have been a “typical” mother daughter disagreement got tragically out of hand.

As a parent, I cannot imagine what it would be like to have killed my own child. Trying to live with that guilt would be unbearable.

So beyond tragic.


More drugs perhaps?


Geez, Sophocles could not have written a more tragic story.

Increase the peace


How did Kimberly Wilson (the driver) sustain injuries, were they in a physical altercation?


She was taken to the hospital because there was evidence the two losers were using drugs at the scene and not shopping for gi joes.. The driver also supposedly lived in her car..another of our stellar homeless community.


What part of the Ozarks is Santa Maria in?