Argument turns deadly at Toys “R” Us parking lot

April 16, 2016

Caution_TapeAn argument between a mother and daughter at the Santa Maria Toys “R” Us parking lot ended with one one dead and the other injured.

Kimberly Wilson, 55, was sitting in the driver’s seat of her car and her daughter Brandy Wilson, 34, was standing by the open passenger door while the pair argued. Kimberly Wilson then backed up hitting her daughter with the car door and knocking her underneath the vehicle.

Brandy Wilson died at the scene.

Emergency personnel transported Kimberly Wilson the Marian Medical Center where she was treated for her injuries.

Officers interviewed Kimberly Wilson before releasing her. Investigators found evidence of drug use at the scene. An investigation into the incident is ongoing.


What the hell is the matter with people?


Sounds like drugs…again.