California man allegedly murdered his son, for being gay

April 2, 2016
Amir Issa

Amir Issa from Facebook

The Los Angeles County Superior Court charged Shehada Issa, 69, on Friday in the premeditated murder of his 29-year-old son Amir Issa , according to a Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office statement. It is suspected that Shehada Issa killed his son because he was gay.

Issa, who is being held without bail, faces life in prison without parole if he is convicted.

On March 29, police found the body of Shehada Issa’s son Amir Issa outside of the family’s house in North Hills. North Hills is located about 125 miles south of San Luis Obispo County.

When officers searched inside the home, they found the body of Rabihah Issa, Shehada Issa’s wife. An investigation into Rabihah Issa’s death is ongoing.

In the past, Shehada Issa had threatened to kill his son because of his sexual orientation, according to the district attorney’s statement.

Two weeks ago, Amir Issa posted the following statement on Facebook:

“Every day I wake up feeling like my sister or brother or mother or father is literally controlling me in my sleep. I have no free will.the moment I lose consciousness it feels like they tell people to rape and molest me and make it seem like I enjoy that. I was earning over $100k by age 26 and this has negatively impacted my life made ,me live in pain and become unemployed. If there is a devil or evil spirit, I truly believe it manifests itself in my family. My name is Prince Christ. Amir Issa. Does it make you feel better abiut yourself to call me names and control me? I dont want to be related to any of these people..nor their relatives watching and advocating this inhumane treatment. They have literally robbed my bank account, lied to courts and doctor to try and label me as mentally ill and failed in their attempts to have me falsely imprisoned and evicted. My doctors certified that i have no mental illness and the courts have cleared my good name and I do not have a criminal record. I successfully passed a background check. If there are any good people on this earth, please help free me from this inhumane slavery. I want to open my eyes lord. I want to see Jesus. Please help rid this world of the demons that attack me. I have changed all of my life insurance and work retirement investments to go to the church I was born in, the Seventh day adventist church of glendale. I dont believe one religion is better or more true than another but would like to have a family that attends church regularly and doesnt punish my thoughts or actions if I am a good persob…which I know I am. I am paying it forward to the church..tithing over hundreds of thousands of dollars to them for this life and the next. In Christs name. AMEN.”

Shehada Issa is scheduled for an April 11 arraignment.

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Oh wow.

This young man was in a MH hospital for slashing a boyfriend in the face with a knife. His mom was stabbed to death and had been dead for some time before he was shot by his father shot him.