Dee Torres-Hill rips nonprofit volunteer at fundraiser

May 24, 2016
Dee Torres-Hill

Dee Torres-Hill


Tempers flared Saturday night when Dee Torres-Hill, wife of San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill, allegedly confronted a woman and a political opponent of Hill’s during a fundraising dinner for the Senior Nutrition Program. Torres-Hill took issue with one of Hill’s former supporters sitting next to San Luis Obispo City Councilman Dan Carpenter and his wife, Sandy.

During the live auction, multiple sources confirmed that Torres-Hill walked across the banquet room at the Cliff’s Resort and asked Bev Aho of Avila Beach why she was sitting next to Carpenter. Aho, a volunteer with the nonprofit, said her seating assignment for the event, attended by about 200 people, was random.

“I was in shock,” Aho said. “We were in the middle of an auction, and Dee comes over and wants to take me outside and talk to me. She shamed me.”

Aho said she tried unsuccessfully to get Torres-Hill to calm down.

Several people at Aho’s table participating in the auction also took umbrage with Torres-Hill’s actions.

Bev Aho

Bev Aho

“It was not appropriate to call anyone out of a live auction,” said Alana Reynolds, another attendee who witnessed the exchange. “It was disruptive to those of us who were sitting at the table.”

The next day, Reynolds said she called Hill to discuss the incident. “Hill’s assistant then called me to apologize for (the supervisor’s) wife’s behavior,” Reynolds said.

In the hotel’s foyer, Torres-Hill told Aho she was angry that Aho was sitting next to Carpenter because Carpenter and others were trying to “harm her children.”

Carpenter is in a tight race to unseat Hill, who seeks a third term as District 3 supervisor in the upcoming June 7 primary. Hill frequently claims that members of the media who report on his actions, as well as his political opponents, are harassing his wife’s three children.

Torres-Hill then reportedly went back to the Aho table and asked Dan Carpenter to follow her to the foyer. Dan and Sandy Carpenter and Aho complied. Then, said Aho, Torres-Hill allegedly began cursing and screaming that Carpenter, CalCoastNews, and radio hosts Dave Congalton and Dick Mason were after her children.

“Dan was very calm and he kept asking Dee to calm down,” Aho said.

Dan and Sandy Carpenter

Dan Carpenter said he has never even discussed Torres-Hill’s children, Aho said.

Torres-Hill responded saying she wished her husband would lose the race and that she was tired of his “fucking job,” Aho said.

Torres-Hill then said that Carpenter had posted a video of Dick Mason on his campaign website that was causing one of her children emotional angst.

Sandy Carpenter reminded Torres-Hill that her husband’s affiliates had posted photos of her adult daughter with devil horns along with a claim that she was the spawn of Satan. Torres-Hill said Carpenter’s daughter deserved the attack because she had “thumbed up” a Facebook post critical of Hill, several witnesses said.

Torres-Hill then began screaming “fucking pig” and at one point lunged at Dan Carpenter in an attempt to slap him, witnesses said.

Dan Carpenter told Torres-Hill the conversation was over and returned to his table. Torres-Hill then walked in front of the auctioneer to retrieve her purse and departed, Aho said. Hill had left the banquet area shortly before Torres-Hill confronted Aho.

Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill

“This was Dee trying to bully me, and then bully Dan,” Aho said. “It really messed up my bidding. I volunteer for senior nutrition and I know how much they need the money.”

CalCoastNews asked Torres-Hill for examples of the alleged harassment of her children, and for a comment on the incident at the Senior Nutrition Program fundraiser. In response, Torres-Hill sent the following email, reprinted verbatim:

“Yes, you got me, I tried to jump Dan Carpenter at the senior nutrition event right after I sent threatening e-mails to some obscure radio guy’s daughter(?????), before I went and stole some more children for CWS, which was all – well after Adam and I plotted the death of a few unnamed journalists (or is it sanitation guys)? Wait, was I in that murder plot story, I can’t remember?  I know it’s me who’s funneling money from SLO Housing to Adam, right? Hard to keep all of my very treacherous deeds straight. I guess this means a new wanted poster is going up.”

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Somebody finally nailed the accurate articulation of the dysfunction in local government.

It is the shaming culture exercised by those with authority; whether that authority is real or manufactured in the work place.

We all know who these arrogant posers have been, who exploit their position to crush opponents without considering the merit of an opposing view.

Result?: the status quo.

She probably had a few too many. Maybe she was drinking cheap vodka all day with some of her homeless buddies while trying to go through their wallets.

Forgive her.

Why oh why is the sophomoric drama never ending in SLO county? If these “professionals” can’t resist their bent for soap opera antics, then I’d say it’s time to drain the swamp and vote in some new people who can operate their county business without this BS. Unbelievable.

I favor testing for illicit drug use among every candidate running for any public office.

Does that extend to their spouses?

I know a couple of folks that heard Hill’s recent radio ads and have decided to not vote for him. These were fairly firm Hill supporters, too – I often had lengthy discussions trying to show him for the low-life, little man he is. They used to brush me off. Then they heard Adam’s commercial. Needless to say, I think they’ve been swayed into the Carpenter camp (though, they’re such blind “D’s” they may vote for the other democrat in the race).


Adam’s radio ads are well produced ads but they are lies. I guess that is what you are referring to.

It is a good thing people really know Dan and his voting and position on various topics. Lies do not work and Adam Hill it is over when democrats turn on you because of it.

When will you lie to them and about what and how can anyone trust you in the future.

If they vote for the ‘other’ democrat in this race, they will still be casting their vote for Adam Hill. To get Adam out, they need to vote for Dan Carpenter! Thanks for educating your “D” friends! We need to educate all of our friends, no matter what political party, to vote for Dan the Man!

That is simply false. A vote for Debbie Peterson or Dan Carpenter is a vote against Adam. This is not a three-way election, it is a primary top-two election, unless someone gets fifty percent. Voting for either opponent of Adam hurts his bid to reach fifty percent. People should vote their conscience in a primary election.

I have to disagree Kevin. Everyone knows if Debbie wasn’t in this race, it very well could be over on June 7th- with Dan Carpenter as the winner. It may be anyway, but it certainly would have been less of a distraction. I understand the “voting for either opponent of Adam…” theory, I’ve just seen too many times where the spoiler just prolongs the race and costs everyone more money- another 6 months of campaigning. Let’s get the bully out…now!

Marginalizing someone by not typing their name is such a passive-aggressive bully tactic.

the OTHER person in the race is Debbie Peterson. The ONLY person who has been involved in south county issues for years, as an elected official and as a local resident.

She is a strong viable candidate, with zero bullying history. I cannot say the same for Hill and Dan.

When you look at the area D3 covers, it is predominantly the 5Cities and almost all of south county.

Unless it’s a photo op/meet & greet/kiss babies, shake hands/Pretend to Care ™ event, I do not ever see or read about Dan and Adam in this part of the district. What I *do* read about them is their bullying. Every article leads with that divisive tactic they both share. Something I never hear or read about when it comes to Debbie Peterson. She’s actually in the trenches down here.

We need a person who has strong convictions AND an ability to unite both sides of issues while still holding on to their convictions. Former GB Mayor Debbie Peterson has that, in spades.

Don’t believe me? Prove me wrong. I do not hide behind a sock puppet name.

ajdury (at) yahoo (dot) com. Let me know what I don’t know.

Oh give poor Dee a break. Look at the fat tub of bullying goo she is married to. Any of you ladies would lose it like Dee did if you had to be married to THAT.

There’s a bully at my kid’s school that will do or say anything for attention. I’ve told my kid to stay away from the punk because he’s unstable and blames everyone else for his own bad behavior.

Dee is clearly a bully like Adam and both of them are desperate for attention–even if it’s negative. They blame CCN, Dick Mason, whoever else…when THEY are the ones stirring the pot.

Also Mr. Carpenter, I admire you & support you 100% BUT if I were you, I’d never ever leave a room to go anywhere w/Dee or her husband (unless you’re filming the conversation). Neither of them are to be trusted. IMO they’re both delusional, power-hungry bullies and I sincerely feel sorry for Dee’s daughters.

How America has become wussified. You tell your son to cower, and avoid the bully, which is typical of today’s behavior. Not tour fault.

a generation ago, My dad would tell us to punch bullies in the face.

It worked every time.

Speak for your own family, achillesheal. My kids are certainly not “wussified” but at their school, the administrators show extreme favoritism to the bully and his family. (It’s all about connections $)

And to clarify, the bully has never directly threatened or touched my kid so yes, I’ve instructed my kid to avoid the bully BUT of course, if the punk ever–and I mean ever–touched or tripped or pushed my kid, I’ve given full consent to knock the $(%# out of the bully. And my kid also has my permission to physically stop the bully if my kid sees him harming another student.

My kid won’t start anything but believe me, if the bully starts it, I’m OK if my kid “finishes” it.

This is a very pathetic story! I have been to many social events and have see someone drink a little too much, get a little to loud, nasty, or vulgar, etc. but never get up at an event of this nature, walk across a full room with an activity going on and create this type of scenario in full public view. This really is despicable public behavior by two professional community leaders.

There has to be something wrong with the stability of this couple as we have all followed their escapades during the past four years or so. The insults in public, the harassing phone calls, the attack on Mr. Thoma over the location of the SLO Homeless Center, the rudeness and inappropriate public behavior at the BOS meetings, the lies and deceit on public projects, business activities, etc. There have been so many inappropriate situations

put forth by Mr. Hill without even discussing Ms. Torres-Hill behavior.

They either have a mental or substance abuse issue and either one of these should be a valid reason for them to seek help to resolve their anger and delusional issues. Maybe someone should call Child Protective Services and report their behavior as threatening to the children.

Everyone should remember this is the same man that walked out on his first wife and her children after not paying the household bills and took the money from their bank accounts to start his new life!

Torres-Hill responded saying she wished her husband would lose the race and that she was tired of his “fucking job,” Aho said. The only one’s he’s “fucking” are the citizens of this county. Except you of course…and after that comment, you might as well start looking for a divorce attorney.

I do not take domestic violence lightly.

In this circumstance, I am hard-pressed to figure out which one of them is the potential batterer.

Adam is a control freak, hyper-sensitive to opposing views and does not have kids.

That does not bode well for Dee. She is blindly on his side, but one errant word will send him over the edge, with fists a’flying.

Dee though. She is a hot-head with a few baby-bird mouths to feed, who has latched on to a control freak known to be hyper-sensitive to opposing views, with zero kid experience.

Something tells me the life choices of these two will become a county lawsuit sooner than later. Either against each other or against the county.

Adam Hill DOES NOT represent me.