Election blast from the past

May 28, 2016

Sheriff cars at Adam Hill's house Hill claimes are there because of a protective order.

Taking a look back at San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill’s previous election races, shows allegations of bullying or harming a candidate’s family is nothing new.

Several people who have donated money to District 3 candidate Dan Carpenter claim Hill has called them or sent emails questioning if they had chosen badly. Meanwhile, Hill and his wife Dee Torres allege that those who cover Hill or oppose his election are after their children. Hill has also claimed he is under a law enforcement order of protection, something the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department denied.

Back in 2008, when Hill first ran against Jerry Lenthall for the District 3 supervisor seat, the race quickly became heated with allegations Hill was making threats and bullying. Hill responded with claims that Lenthall had shown disrespect to his family.


The following email chain exchange between Hill and Lenthall occurred in Jan. 2008:

From: adam hill
Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2008 5:19 PM
To: jerry lenthall
Subject: Pismo Forum January 20th

January 5, 2008

Dear Jerry,

As you know, the Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce has scheduled a public forum on January 20th for the 3rd District Supervisor’s race. They scheduled a venue, and made arrangements with AGP Video.

Unfortunately, we have been informed that you are refusing to participate, saying you will not agree to any forums until after the filing period.

As you and I are the only declared candidates, the only candidates raising money and enlisting support, your decision is arbitrary and seems guided only by a desire to forestall participating in public forums. If so, this is will be well publicized by my campaign.

Thus, I ask that you reconsider your decision, and furthermore, I ask again that you show my campaign the courtesy of providing your campaign’s contact person so that we can move forward in making arrangements for several forums.

If I do not hear back from you, I’ll call in to the Congalton show when you’re on this Friday and we can discuss it on the air.

Adam Hill


Jerry Lenthall

Jerry Lenthall

January 10, 2008

Dear Adam,

Let me begin by saying how disappointed I am at your combative and argumentative attitude. The people of the Third District deserve a campaign conducted with dignity and respect, not one of name calling and threats.

It seems to me presumptuous for you and me to arrange a debate before the filing period has closed. I understand that you disagree with my opinion, but I am entitled to my point of view.

Beyond the issue of the filing period, you have insisted that we participate in a debate for the Third Supervisor’s seat on a day that is two weeks before the presidential primary election and four and a half months before the local election. I don’t believe that there will be any public interest in local elections until well after the presidential primary. Again, you may disagree, but that is my belief and I think that most people would agree with me.

There will be plenty of opportunity for the candidates for the Third District seat to appear and be heard at public meetings. As I have told you before, I don’t think that it is your place, or that of your campaign’s, to set up a series of debates. I intend on participating in a reasonable number of debates that are arranged by civic organizations which have organized these debates in the past. As a sitting supervisor, I have many duties that occupy my time both during the day and in the evenings. I expect to continue to carry out those duties and to campaign at times that will not interfere with my obligations as a supervisor.

Finally, it is your prerogative to call into the Congalton Show whenever you like, but please refrain from attempting to threaten me. Again, the citizens of the Third District deserve better than that.

As your request, your campaign representatives may contact Amber Johnson at Jerry@jerrylenthall.com to discuss campaign issues. I trust that she will be treated respectfully.


Jerry Lenthall


January 10, 2008

Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill

Dear Jerry,

Thanks for getting back to me. I understand you are busy, and I will take you at your word that you will participate in a “reasonable number of debates.” Despite your insistence that they not occur until after the filing period, it is still advisable to schedule them now for those dates after the filing period closes, as venue and video reservations need to be made in advance. I hope you will cooperate with this.

As for your remarks about me, we both know there is no substance to your claims. We also both know that when supporters of your campaign hired a law firm to investigate me, you could have put a quick end to it if you didn’t think it was appropriate. You responded that it was simply something to be expected.

Such actions, Jerry, are clearly an attempt to intimidate me, and if anything shows disrespect for me, my family, and yes, even the voters of District Three, it is hiring a law firm to contact my employer (multiple times), the non-profits for which I volunteer, and the schools from which I earned degrees. Obviously, you approve of this, and it sent a strong, early signal of the direction your campaign will take. That, Jerry, is what is truly disappointing. If you wanted our rapport to be friendlier, you would not have allowed this.

Neither my campaign nor my supporters have done or will be doing such things to you. I do not think such tactics are appropriate. It is still my hope that the District Three race will be a contest of ideas and issues, and that it will be conducted with complete honesty and transparency. I am certainly committed to that.


Adam Hill




Another reason why Debbie Peterson would be a qualified candidate. She keeps professionalism as a top priority, listens to the voters and definitely does her homework.

And, she is like the energizer bunny…never stops! Please consider voting for Debbie Peterson, and WOman who can get the job done!


Give it up you sexist. Peterson isn’t going to be the next District 3 Supervisor. While not as disgusting as Ahole Hill, voting for someone simply because they are a “WOman” (or a male) is horribly wrong.


The law created by the passage of CA Assembly Bill 1014 allows the temporary seizure of firearms from people determined by the courts to be a threat to themselves or others.

May I suggest this law be exercised to rid Hill of any guns he might own or are otherwise located in his domicile? He’s already physically threatened Dan Carpenter. His written comments to others seem to be those of an unstable individual.

It would be a positive thing in my estimation to remove all access to firearms (and other deadly weapons) from this person before he does something truly horrific.


God how I miss Jerry


The majority of SLO Co residents despise Trump. Both you and your political reps call him a liar, a bully, and self serving. Then there is Hill, clearly a self serving liar and a bully himself, yet they continue to stand by him? Hill is nothing more than a Trump Mini me, open your eyes people.


Hill is no trump. He’s far more obese and odious.


Snoid you are so right. Trump may have had some success in business in his life, but there is no tolerance for the way he speaks about others. Hill can hardly even say he has had business success, speaks poorly of others and continues to cheat in business. It’s obvious by the friends he keeps, all getting favors in return.


Snoid hits it right on the head. This is where the wingnuts don’t get it. Yes, Hill calls himself a Democrat and is a despicable piece of work. But so is (so-called) Republican Trump. So is Cruz. So is Rubio who now apologizes to Trump for the true observations Rubio made about Don. All this while these dopes try and justify and strengthen their places on the political spectrum.


Same ol’ $hit…different day. Adam will never change. A leopard can’t change its spots.

Kaiser Bill

Lenthall was not a good Supervisor.

Lenthall was clearly in the pockets of developers. But Lenthall was also pretty open and honest about being a pro-development Republican, and did not hide behind a leftist agenda like Hill has to mask the fact that Hill is a puppet for his donors like Gary Grossman.

Hill ran as a slow growth, common sense candidates.

8 years later, Hill has advocated for huge development after getting campaign donations from developers.

It is also clear the Hill is bereft of any common sense. Adam Hill is rude, argumentative, and unprofessional. Jerry Lenthall did a much better job as District 3 Supervisor.


“Lenthall was not a good Supervisor…Jerry Lenthall did a much better job as District 3 Supervisor.”

That makes Ahole Hill a true pos.


It doesn’t take much to be better than Adam Hill, and yes Jerry Lenthall was better than Hill, but he was also far from a good supervisor.


Re: “Loading…”

As in Supervisor Adam Hill loading a firearm to intimidate former SLO peace officer Jerry Lenthal??? What???

Character matters.

Elect Dan Carpenter, SLO County Supervisor, District 3.

Dedicated to serve the people of our County with the highest degree of integrity and respect.

Kevin Rice

“Loading…” appears to be merely a copy-and-paste artifact in this instance (as in “Page Loading…”). Yet, Adam has mentioned a firearm at least once I am aware of, though I’ll leave it to the first-person to use their own discretion if they wish to recount that story.


Ahhhh, the memories. Adam brings a smile to my face. With Gibson, Bianchi, Fulks, Ochs, it’s been a great run, how did they keep the band together so long? As the great, Dick Clark used to say “thanks for the memories”.


Deja Vu!

Adam seems to have cut and pasted from Jerry’s letter in his response to the press when asked if he would attend the two debates (organized by 3rd parties) that he refused to attend in the current election. Here’s what Adam (Jerry) said:

“It seems to me presumptuous to arrange a debate before the filing period has closed.”

“I intend on participating in a reasonable number of debates that are arranged by civic organizations which have organized these debates in the past.”

Except there’s one difference – Adam did not have the decency (unlike Jerry) to respond to the invitation issued by the organizers of either debate or the other two candidates.

And didn’t Adam complain that Jerry took donations from developers?

Kaiser Bill

Adam Hill tricked the the District 3 voters into supporting him by running on a slow growth platform. Unfortunately, I voted for Hill over Lenthall, and regret that vote dearly.


WOW, history speaks for itself…..the old tricks started with the first campaign against Jerry. It’s pretty much the same thing now against Dan.

Hill has to go, no doubt about it!!!


As a boy, Adam spent too much time frolicking in the Hudson River, That explains his lack of character and inability to make good choices.