Pismo Beach in the top 10 for pollution

May 28, 2016

Pismo Beach Pier 1Pismo Beach is ranked number 10 in the most polluted beaches in California, according to the annual Heal the Bay report.

each year, Heal the Bay analysts take water samples from 456 California beaches and test for bacterial pollution. High bacteria counts are linked to potential illnesses such as stomach flu, ear infections and major skin rashes.

With record low rainfall reducing the amount of polluted runoff flowing into the ocean, beach grades across the state are consistently outperforming their averages. Overall, California beaches fared better in 2015 than in 2016 with 95 percent receiving an A or B grade.

Nearly nine in 10 San Luis Obispo County beaches received A’s.

This Year’s Top 10 Beach Bummers:

Cowell Beach, west of the wharf (Santa Cruz County)
Clam Beach, near Strawberry Creek (Humboldt County)
Shoreline Beach Park at Shelter Island (San Diego County)
Monarch Beach, north at Salt Creek (Orange County)
Santa Monica Pier (Los Angeles County)
Marina del Rey – Mother’s Beach (Los Angeles County)
Redondo Municipal Pier (Los Angeles County)
Candlestick Point/Sunnydale Cove (San Francisco County)
Pillar Point, end of West Point Ave. (San Mateo County)
Pismo Beach Pier, 40 feet south (San Luis Obispo County)


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I can’t believe how inept the leaders of Pismo Beach are. They had a contractor in place to trap the offending pigeons and relocate them to Cuyama. When some bird lovers complained the plan was inhumane the effort was scrapped. Now after tens of thousands dollars of studies later and foul beach water for the kiddies, what do you have Pismo Beach? A very healthy bird population; oh aren’t they cute though. Spineless political leaders doing the “correct” thing. Enjoy the poo bath swimmers. Gee…….I wonder why candidates like Bernie and Donald are so popular these days.

How about the City of Pismo spend some of their Transient Occupancy Tax funds on ensuring that the Beach is clean rather than wasting money on boondoggles like fancy street lights on dead end streets?

Oh Horse shit!!!…I mean pigeon shit!!!…well OK…is it dog poo?. No seriously, after seeing what was run out of 4th street creek camp, the train station encampment and whats living upstream around the Price house, its no surprise. Responsible municipalities call their system “toilet to the tap”, Holy than thou ,ahem Co calls it “come shit on our shores”. Just make sure you leave whats in your wallet behind, and we’ll call it good.

Snoid – Most likely people poo from the outdated Pismo sewer lines. Pismo people and tourism providers – demand that your city inspect and fix their sewer lines if you want to keep those tourism dollars strong!

Well ya know in all fairness they did spend some serious money on a study done by Cal Poly to DNA identify the poo and found its not people poo, it was Pigeon poo last time this was brought up. I thought they ran off all the birds but still the problem remains. I do not recall hearing about and sewage spills in some time and their plants discharge comes out in Oceano. Why then this happens??? dirty tourists, tourists droppin brown trout in the water?? who knows as the saga continues of the turds of our lives.

Pismo, let’s get this fixed.