Kokkonen calls out New Times for Ku Klux Klan comparison

May 23, 2016
Matt Kokkonen

Matt Kokkonen


San Luis Obispo’s “New Times” weekly paper wrote in its opinion by “The Shredder” on May 5, “What’s white, has three K’s in its name, and hates ‘illegal’ immigrants? Well, yes, the Ku Klux Klan, but I was thinking of Matt Kokkonen, but he’s the not-so-nice legal immigrant!”

The last time someone called out the three “K”s in my name was a big black drill sergeant when I was in U.S. Army basic training at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, home of the 101st Airborne Screaming Eagles. This was even before I was a U.S. citizen, having immigrated to America by myself at age 16 from Finland.

In my opinion, Shredder’s comments are beyond civility and reflect the dregs of the cesspool of his mind. New Times is complicit by allowing this expression of hate by him.

On the other hand, standing for the rule of law is not hate of anyone. It opposes illegality, period. What part of “illegal” does he not understand?

I wanted to come to America, the land of opportunity. I did it legally, like millions of others who followed the law.

America has been the land of opportunity because of its God given self-evident truths, “that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…” This undergirds the real American Dream. This encapsulates America’s Experiment and its Exceptionalism. I will keep fighting to make sure we leave America to our children and grandchildren as the country of liberty.

Matt Kokkonen is one of nine candidates running for the 24th Congressional District seat.


The ultimate in liberalism, bash,bash,bash and call everyone who disagrees a hater and a bigot. Them days are numbered I believe as people have had enough of this crap.


Well said Matt.


The question is, do you disavow David Duke? If so, this may be your year.


People gave the ultra left a chance for change in 08 and all we got is a mean, dictatorial and divisive monster. We have a media, print and broadcast that for whatever reason supports that monster and so that media has decided that they know what is best for America and they are going to make sure it works out the way they want it to. New Times is a liberal newspaper and so they will make their arguments and present their news from a leftest prospective. Fine…I don’t like it but it’s a free country. All I can say to Matt is when a liberal progressive (which is anything but…progressive) pulls the “you are a racist card” you have won. They have nothing. I don’t have a bird because I think it’s mean to keep a bird in a cage but if I did have a bird I would not use the New Times to line the cage. That would really be cruel to the bird.


The time for New Times has gone….


The New Times isn’t even worth the paper that it is printed on.


The New Times is still printed??, I haven’t read it in several years.


If you’re going to call someone a racist, at least have the courage to put your name behind it.


The New Times even with a new editor, the bitter shredder snark is old and bitter.


We can only hope to have people like Kokkonen elected, it would sure be a nice surprise in this season of nominating idiots like Trump.This is good news for you Matt, only thing better would be a Tribune endorsement of one of your rivals.

Kaiser Bill

The real idiots were Jeb, Cruz, and Kasich.

The people have spoken, and they wanted Trump.


38% have spoken, and most of those were crossover votes in open primaries. Trump is a crass, egotistical fraud masquerading as a conservative who has duped people into thinking he is something he isn’t.

Cruz was the only true conservative in the race…he got screwed.

Kaiser Bill

Lyin Ted only started talking about the border and trade deals after Trump surged to the front on those who issues.

Who cares about conservatism?

Thank god Conservatism is dead.

Trump has killed conservatism and replaced it with American Nationalism.


Typical Trump clone response…repeat what your pathetic leader says with NO FACTS to back it up. Pathetic…

Kaiser Bill

Lyin Ted handed out soccer balls to illegal alien teenagers at the border!

Lyin Ted’s wife is a banker for Goldman Sachs and Lyin Ted was in favor of bad trade deals!

The voters were wise to Lyin Ted and didn’t fall for his tricks!

Conservatism is dead, Long live Nationalism!


“nominating idiots like Trump”


I’m guessing you are for The Lying Hillary or the Marxist Socialist Bernie Sanders…for shame…for shame.


Guessing wrong…I support TRUE conservatives like Ted Cruz, not lying frauds like Trump.


You aren’t very perceptive are you? I support a TRUE conservative like Kokkonen and you think I also support Hillary or Bernie?


Ah, the good old “least worst” argument! Always a good way to pick a president! I’m sure it will all work out wonderfully; it always does! :/


Relax Matt, this is simply indicative of today’s politics. it’s dirty, brutal, insensitive, self serving, and as crooked as most politicians.

Kaiser Bill

Your position on illegal immigration won my vote in the Congressional race, Mr. Kokkonen.

I hope Kokkonen places higher than Katcho. Katcho voted to give drivers’ licenses to illegal aliens!


Katcho and the New Times are as phony as a three dollar bill.

Katcho is a democrat pretending to be a republican.


As is Trump.

Kaiser Bill

You are aware that this article is about a Congressional candidate who supports Trump?

You can always leave the Republican Party and vote for Hillary.


Actually, I do not know who he supports for prez. If he does, in fact support Trump, than I withdraw my support for Matt.