Makeshift motorhome sparks eight fires in Cayucos

May 2, 2016

A 1954 Greyhound bus that was converted into a motorhome sparked eight fires along Highway 1 in Cayucos Sunday afternoon. The fires burned about 1.1 acres. [KSBY]

Shortly before 3 p.m., a person was driving the motorhome on Highway 1 and did not realize the vehicle’s parking brake was on. The converted bus’ brakes then overheated and began to disintegrate. Hot brake material landed in dry brush along the highway and quickly caught fire, according to the CHP.

Fire crews from the Cayucos Fire Department and Cal Fire San Luis Obispo responded and put out the fires in less than one hour. Authorities controlled traffic in the area for several hours to protect crews conducting mop-up work on the side of the road.

It is unclear if the driver of the motorhome faces fines or charges.

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I was driving from MB to Cayucos beach when this happened. Seemed very odd so many little fires spread out along the freeway. Some were saying arson…but how? Like someone had 10 cigarettes lit and threw them out the window one by one as he drove? LOL This at least makes sense.

They had Hwy 1 south bound traffic stopped, the fires were contained to the shoulder and minimal. North bound was open. But the Dork in front of me stops in the cloud of smoke on the freeway to look at the Firemen on the other side of the freeway! I had to honk at him to remind him he was ON THE FREEWAY! I never honk at people, but geezzz. But the bus driver is lucky there were no structures involved.I never did see the bus?? You would think he could at least smell the brakes actually burning!!

I’m not saying it’a good idea to stop and look at stuff while in your lane of traffic. I’m also not saying that driving with parking brake on is a good idea.

But it’s definitely not a good idea to drive on HWY 1 with the idea that it’s a FREEWAY either. If you do, you are sure to be surprised by traffic lights turning red, pedestrian crosswalks, and even bicyclists riding along the shoulder when you least expect them.

What kind of moron drives with their parking brakes on????

Is this moron a failed product of the government schools????

“Is this moron a failed product of the government schools????”

Well, yes- of course.

duuuude. that must have fun to watch