Santa Margarita woman killed in crash identified

May 1, 2016

Denise FoxThe Santa Margarita woman killed in a head on collision on Highway 58 has been identified as Denise Lyn Fox, 56.

Shortly after 6 p.m., Fox was driving her Toyota sedan eastbound about a half mile outside Santa Margarita when a car driven by Jessica Lea Allred, 23, of San Luis Obispo crossed the double yellow lines and crashed head on into Fox. Fox was pronounced dead at the scene.

Emergency personnel transported Allred, who was suffering from a broken leg and two broken ankles, to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. CHP officers then placed Allred under arrest for DUI at the hospital.

At the time of the crash, traffic on Highway 58 was heavy because of attendees leaving the Pozo Stampede concert at the Pozo Saloon. It has not yet been reported if Allred had attended the concert.

Last year, on April 25, Donna Dean Magee, 56, of Templeton died in a single vehicle accident after attending the Pozo Stampede. Shortly after 5 p.m., Magee was driving on Highway 58 when she lost control of her Toyota Tacoma while going around a curve, went off the road and landed 25 feet below in a dry creek bed.

Emergency personnel transported both Magee and her passenger, 44-year-old Jennifer June Molina of Paso Robles, to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center. Magee later died from her injuries.

A GoFundMe account has been set-up to support Fox’s family.

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My prayers and condolences for the family. What a tragedy! DUI checkpoints should be a requirement for events like this!

Too many of these stories, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

This poor woman was likely headed home to her family after a day of work or running errands but never made it because of the obvious. The drug and drinking thing is well known at Pozo’s shows, yet as easymoney mentioned where was law enforcement’s presence? Wanna put an end to this stupidity? set up a DUI check point exiting either direction on Pozo road. Will that ever happen, never. Although I know the answer its not an legitimate one. That would be money, greed, whining about some drunks civil rights and intrusion of privacy when stopped. Literally every event in the damn county is booze related anymore, wine this, wine that, 75+ bars in SLO alone, Starbucks will soon sell booze,that gonna be available at the drive thru? how about a bloody mary with that egg mcmuffin this am, WTF is wrong with this picture people?

You are right. Want to open up a business or have an event? Just put wine tasting, a brewery and now cider on the application and it should go right thru.

Well said Snoid ! where were you yesterday when I started the battle on 1st article ?


Where was CHP presence before and after an event hosting several thousand drinkers that then have to drive the 24 miles back after consuming alcohol all day in the sun? They knew this was happening well ahead of the event, yet not one patrol or DUI check point.

Same place they were when the idiots were passing at hi rates of speed down El Camino Real through the little village of Santa Margarita, over a double yellow line.

This happens every time there is a big event and alcohol is involved and a lack of preventative LEO presence.

RIP to the local victim and hopefully a long jail sentence for the perp who took her life…

I agree but as Cal Trans publicly acknowledges, it will take recorded deaths before there is a safety issue that needs to be resolved. Yes that stretch of road is a roller coaster, likewise poor visibility at the school crossing in town and numerous uncontrolled busy pedestrian centers that have had in town deaths too. Very sad for all parties involved.

That same stretch of roadway has seen more than it’s share of vehicle collisions over the years. As a retired firefighter who has responded to many TC’s in almost this exact location, with several fatalities it seems there have been more than enough dangerous or fatal incidents to meet Caltrans requirements for warrants.

It is a state highway and as such under the control of Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol. The news is reporting this location as Pozo, it is not. It is almost into the town of Santa Margarita and as Jorge states it is a roller coaster section with a couple of curves.

Back to my previous post, this is where CHP should have shown a presence and placed a DUI checkpoint, as they know these events are planned well ahead and each hosts thousands of alcohol consuming people.

The small community of Santa Margarita is a kicking can for both the CHP and SLO county. Speeding is rampant, reckless driving occurs daily, there are no adequate shoulders with bike lanes for cyclists, it is approx 20 miles to Pozo along a very narrow and winding roadway, the pavement is horrible shape with much buckling at the about 6 mile mark, and there are several hills blocking forward views for drivers. There is no serious attention paid to small unincorporated areas with few local citizens, seems all the attention goes to the few highway construction projects which CHP is contracted to sit.

Rarely is a CHP seen, either ticketing or preventing this very thing. No one deserves to be mowed down by a drunk and no one should fear that these drunks are permitted to drive freely on our roads…

Drunk + Driving = Deadly weapon.

Prosecute to the fullest extent allowed.

Strength and blessings to the family of Ms. Fox.

Jessica Lea Allred should be charged with first degree murder. You drink and get behind the wheel, that’s premeditation. If convicted she needs to be executed or she needs to spend the rest of her life in prison.

The Pozo Saloon and related entities should also be sued for facilitating drunks/dopers and the horrific things they do.

In this era of irresponsibility and blaming someone else for an individual’s actions, I don’t think it is right to sue Pozo Saloon (if they followed the laws).

However, the writing is on the wall regarding future events of this nature.

It seems like the drunken idiot always survives but the innocent ones die. Simply awful.

Condolences to Ms. Fox’s friends and family.

Drunk drivers who kill someone should be charged with second degree murder.

They chose to drink and drive. They should pay the consequences.

2 thumbs down? I guess the drunks don’t want to be responsile for their choices and actions.