Man sentenced to 177 years for robbing and raping prostitutes

May 30, 2016
Gregory Arthur Erwin

Gregory Arthur Erwin

A 52-year-old Santa Maria man was sentenced to more than 177 years in prison for raping and robbing women in San Luis Obispo County at gunpoint. His victims were prostitutes. [KSBY]

On March 14, 2013, Gregory Arthur Erwin, a former felon, agreed to meet a prostitute shortly after midnight at her room at the San Luis Inn and Suites in San Luis Obispo. When he arrived, he sexually assaulted her, stole cash from her purse and fled.

During the assault, Erwin pointed a handgun at the woman and threatened to kill her. The victim reported Erwin’s license plate number to police and San Luis Obispo officers arrested him.

During their investigation, officers discovered Erwin also raped and robbed a prostitute in Pismo Beach earlier in March 2013, according to the San Luis Obispo County District Attorney’s Office.

In March, a San Luis Obispo jury convicted Erwin of 11 criminal counts. The convictions included two counts of forcible rape with personal use of a firearm and two counts of forcible oral copulation with personal use of a firearm.

Erwin was also convicted of possession of a firearm by a felon. He pleaded guilty to that charge.

Four of Erwin’s convictions carried mandatory sentences of 25 years to life in prison. Erwin’s sentencing was scheduled for April 7, but it was delayed because he fired his attorney and decided to represent himself.

On Thursday, a judge sentenced Erwin to 157 years to life in prison plus and additional 20 years and eight months.

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He is described as “a former felon”. I was under the impression that if you were convicted of a felony, you were always a felon.


I hope you are right. I have a hunch he will spend the next several years in the prison law library figuring out how to get a new trial since he obviously was represented by an idiot (himself) albeit by his own choosing. I hope he stays in forever but I understand the skepticism.

Yada yada yada – in less than 20 years Gregory will no doubt be paroled on “good” behavior to live in San Luis Obispo County.

Sorry, but no… His sentence has two, that’s TWO, life sentences and all of his sentences were run consecutively. So, technically he would have to finish one life sentence before starting the other. Now I know that a life sentence in California doesn’t necessarily mean life but I do know that before you can see the Parole Board at least half of the first part of the 25 years to Life sentence, in other words about 12 years, has to be served. He has two of those, he won’t see daylight again.

Sorry! He has FOUR life sentences. No, he won’t see the streets again.

For committing crimes against two criminals he gets 172 years. Kelly Gearhead, after ruining over 1200 investors and causing untold havoc to our community got a paltry 14 years and is now appealing that, hoping to get off scott free. Even worse with Jay Miller who is the biggest crook in all this.

White collar criminals cause way more damage, do way less time if any. We have a crooked system.

Oh, okay! Maybe a slap on the back would have sufficed? With an at ta-boy to boot? How ’bout we recognize him with a parade line as they transport him to Delano for processing! You know, with placards and signs thanking him for raping those criminals and in turn getting him off the streets forever… Damn! Two birds with one stone.

Sounds about right from SLO; give the guy stealing our money the most amount of time while looking to give the guy who rapes woman less! Protect our money and to hell with our woman! You fit in hotdog….