Goleta man arrested for killing Chihuahua he adopted

June 22, 2016
Kyle Barbre

Kyle Barbre

Within 50 days of adopting a 1-year-old Chihuahua, a 21-year-old Goleta man killed the dog, according to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office. Detectives arrested the man on Tuesday.

Animal rights activists have said the Chihuahua was kicked, strangled and possibly drowned, and the dog’s remains were found in a Goleta yard. The sheriff’s office has not released details about the alleged killing.

On April 5, Kyle Barbre adopted a Chihuahua named Floyd. Volunteers for Santa Barbara County Animal Services said a good Samaritan helped Barbre adopt the dog. Barbre reportedly could not afford the adoption fees.

Barbre allegedly killed the dog at around noon on May 23. Later that day, the nonprofit Animal Rescue Team received a tip about the crime, and a representative of the organization called 911.



Animal Services personnel then launched an investigation into animal cruelty. Investigators recovered the dog’s remains and conducted a necropsy. Animal Services requested that the sheriff’s office take over as the lead agency because the dog had recently been adopted, a sheriff’s office news release states.

Around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, sheriff’s detectives served a warrant and detained Barbre at his workplace. Detectives transported Barbre to the sheriff’s office, then interviewed him and booked him in jail.

Barbre is charged with animal cruelty. He remains in custody with his bail set at $100,000.

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Hopefully his prison mates are all dog lovers and will teach him the error of his ways in a most convincing manner.

People like this often wind up abusing and or killing other human beings.

This is just really, really sad.

Side note here. What he did is atrocious but I find it interesting that they set bail at 100K?? I’ve seen people murder or do some other horrible things to people and get 100k bail or less. Would love to see the reasoning of how our bail system is set up.

My thoughts exactly.

This young man needs a dose of his own medicine.

As a psychotherapist, there are several factors here: 1. The good samaritan and the man buying the dog-indicate Barbre is likely “glib and charming” (able to put on a convincing mask to persuade someone to buy the dog) and has a “parasitic lifestyle” (most people can afford their own pet if they go to get one). 2. This is likely not the first time this has happened and Barbre is at the very dangerous age where it could overlap into killing people.

Antisocial personality disorder (aka: sociopath, psychopath) is something the police are dealing with MUCH more often now. Clinically-there is no help for sociopaths. You can use any modality of therapy and it will just teach them how to work the system.

If you ever get a glimpse underneath their “mask of sanity”-which does slip sometimes-you will be horrified at what is underneath.

Exactly what I was thinking, this is a person who needs watching, he’s capable of so much more. His actions begin with animals and he goes on to bigger and better (in his mind) victims = humans.