Hillary Clinton holds gathering in Santa Barbara

June 6, 2016

Hillary ClintonDemocratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton made a campaign stop in Santa Barbara on Saturday. Unlike her challenger Bernie Sanders, Clinton held a private gathering and drew a crowd of protesters outside.

Earlier Saturday, Clinton held a public rally at a high school in Ventura. Then she met with mostly female supporters at the restaurant Jill’s Place in Santa Barbara.

Outgoing Congresswoman Lois Capps introduced Clinton and sat next to her during the event. Santa Barbara Mayor Helene Schneider, who is running for Capps’ seat, also attended the event. Other attendees included Santa Barbara County District Attorney Joyce Dudley and State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson.

During the gathering, Clinton spoke about immigration reform, making college more affordable and what it is like to be a grandmother. Clinton also said her presumptive Republican challenger Donald Trump plans to seize people and put them in camps and load them onto buses and trains.13327639_10154284124529275_1372346509164101550_n

Protesters stood outside the event holding signs against Clinton and in favor of Sanders. Authorities cordoned off nearby streets during the event. Still, the protesters’ chants could be heard from within the restaurant.

On the previous Saturday, Sanders spoke at public rallies in Santa Barbara and Santa Maria. The Santa Maria event drew more than 7,000 people.

Clinton currently leads Sanders by nearly 800 delegates, when factoring in super delegates. Including super delegates, Clinton leads Sanders 2,357 to 1,566. A Democratic presidential candidate needs a total of 2,383 delegates to clinch the party’s nomination.

Heading into Tuesday’s primary, polls indicate Clinton and Sanders are neck and neck in California.

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I realize there aren’t a lot of Democrats, liberals or even moderates viewing this site, but I want to put a suggestion out there for those who will be voting a Democrat ballot tomorrow.

Clinton will win the nomination. But that is all the more reason to vote for Sanders. If he were to upset her and win in California, it would send a message to both Hillary and the DNC. That message is that the American public is generally tired of the same old politically corrupt system at the national level and is moving away from those who are addicted to it. The GOP has already splintered — in part because of this — and the Democrat Party could follow in the next few elections if they don’t find a way to cut the ties to Wall Street and assorted multi-national corporations.

If the GOP gets it’s act together and starts nominating ethical moderates instead of bloviating extremists, it will be able to pull votes not only from us moderates but from Democrats for whom honest politics matters as well.

Bernie seems like a nice man. He had better not win California, though, because if it happens she will likely have him killed.

Whar do you call mitt Romney and John McCain? The 2 most milquetoast candidates ever, and they lost, huge. It the GOP does not nominate conservatives, the base does not show up. The last 2 elections illustrate that.

I’m not a Trump fan, but when he said Hillary “can’t close the deal” – he was spot on! Bernie was meant to be a paper tiger, just to prove Hildabeast could “win” something. She failed. So they MASSIVELY rigged the elections for her, and she STILL is having a hard time of it.

Get over it. NO. ONE. LIKES. HER. AT. ALL.

No wonder everyone gave Bill a pass for all those forced rapes and beatings of women over the years. You remember, all those women that the “vast right wing conspiracy” made up to “get” Bill? Right? You still believe that, right? And Bengazi was a youtube video, and nothing illegal happened with the e-mail server, and she is worth EVERY DIME of that $21,000,000 in speaking fees for those half hour “talks” to the big bangs, etc.

Yeah, wonderful candidate, Democrats. Lots to be proud of this day! And people complain about Trump (rightfully so, too, btw). Start looking at your own candidate, demz.

Look closely at the top photo, are two of the three women behind Hillary dozing?

Those are bright flash responses. You think those ladies could sleep around Lois and Hillary? They look like her core constituency and probably didn’t sleep a wink for days before or after.

Even if they were able to doze off, Hillary’s shrills and cackles would jolt them awake!

The Democratic ‘Corporate Candidate’, Hillary Clinton appeals to both mainstream Democrats and mainstream Republicans!

I’m sure RINO SB County Republicans like Alice Patino, Peter Adam, and Steve Lavignino made a quick appearance or sent in a cash donation in support of her amnesty/open borders philosophy. Remember, many North SB County politicians are bought and owned by the Big Ag farmers, and all they want is a cheap labor source.

For these unprincipled politicians, Hillary and her corrupt policies mesh just fine with their corrupt practices.

Birds of a feather…

The Rinos and the embedded democrats see dollar signs when they look at Hillary. They can be assured that all of the outlandish perks of office will be intact if she wins the election.

Birds of a feather should be tarred together?

Let me share, what some may call a paranoid thought. Now, mind you, it stayed in my head for 3 whole minutes. 2004 was the start of the take over of the Republican party by the Tea Party. In only a few years, the Republican Party was unrecognizable with Trump posed to now complete the metamorphosis.

Now, here is the concern. Isn’t it possible that Bernie Sanders is doing the same thing to the Democratic Party with his socialist “Chicken in every pot” Mantra. And is the Democratic Party also going to become unrecognizable in a very short time ????

I swear it was only 3 minutes.

From your lips to God’s ears! Don’t you deserve a chicken in your pot? Bernie uses the term “working people” quite a lot, when he refers to improved circumstances. After having looked closely at several analysis of where all the money is going right now, it is quite clear that we are being completely ripped off and have been since Reaganomics got going. Since then, both parties have tag teamed us with one policy after another that stripped us of what we have earned. Both parties.

In 1956, the Republican party platform included universal health care, free college, equal pay for women, stronger unions, and a top tax bracket between 75 – 94% ! This was back in the day when we had a large and thriving middle class, the envy of the world. So the “unrecognizable” GOP started a lot earlier for me. I was a fan of Dwight Eisenhower. Nixon, not so much, as he was the beginning of the rise of Fascist policies. But even he realized we needed an environment. Those who ran in this last cycle could not hold a position as a garbage collector, in my estimation. And the likes of Trump could not have climbed onto their platform had they not created it through racism and fear mongering.

As for the Democrats, they are equally corrupt and need a thorough house cleaning. The election fraud this cycle, in favor of the DNC’s chosen corporate candidate has been EPIC. That is why people are protesting H. That and her gross incompetence and corruption.

Both sides, most of Congress have been bought and paid for and it shows in their decisions and the rhetoric of one side against the other which is just a distraction while they both commit robbery and fraud for themselves and their corporate masters. If all our money were really going to people who are on the bottom of the scale, the bottom would be living pretty well. We would certainly not have veterans on the damn street!!!!! How about a chicken in their pot? Instead, there are hundreds of billions in tax breaks going to corporations that poison our food and water and send our jobs away while making staggering profits to begin with and send more of our best and bravest off to be killed so corporate interests can take over the resources in countries like Libya,. Is that preferable? Acceptable? It is certainly Fascist. #BernieorBust

Very well said.

I do disagree somewhat with Bernie philosophically but I worry less about what he could do if elected than what either Clinton or Trump could do. His negative qualities would be muffled by a congress with power brokers on both sides opposing him. But he would at least do the same to those greedy, lying crooks and fascist oligarchs.

Hillary would only continue the trend to put more and more power in the hands of multinational corporations and finance industry billionaires. Trump would attempt to do whatever he felt like at any given moment with emphasis on getting attention, profits and revenge. He too would be muffled by congress but he would have no significant upside.

Tea party didn’t get going until Obama took office…..try 2009……


Bernie is a kook, not a movement

Just thinking… go back a few years and read about FDR. Socialism via the Democrat party is not a “new” thing at all. They have had the same old tired out theories forever, and they always fail. The only thing “new” (which is all they force down our collective pop culture throats) is the gay/immigration/gender silliness.

On this anniversary of D-Day, where 19-year old men stormed the beaches, let’s think about our current crop of 19-year old “men” – those who need therapy because “Trump 2016” was written in chalk on a sidewalk. Those who want to pee with the little girls… and on and on.

THAT is what has been taking over the democrat party; the socialists are the old farts (like Bernie), who have held on to the belief that socialism/communism can be made to work if we just give it a go here in the U.S.

Do we know if the protestors were Democrats?

I find it very interesting that her own constituency has been protesting her.

I do not find it at all surprising that her so called constituents are protesting her. Since every state where she has supposedly “won” has been plagued with massive election fraud including closure of up to 65% of the polls (most recently in Puerto Rico where they gave H access to prisoners votes, but not Bernie.) and horrendously mismatched results in the exit polls that would have triggered an international outcry in any third world country, a large portion of even Democrats are furious with their treatment within the party and misrepresentation in the media.

There was a Bernie Sanders rally in Oakland that drew at least 60,000 people, some estimates were much higher. NOT A PEEP IN THE MEDIA. Like it did not happen. This has been happening all across the country. Think that might possibly be leading to some pissed off people? Since this is happening all across the country, the real question is who is it that wants us to believe that people waiting in lines that go for literally miles, at times in freezing temperatures to attend his rally and cheer like mad does not translate into votes?

That is who I would be concerned about. Countless people have died for your right to have a voice. Please vote.

It’s incredibly ironic that, only now, people are beginning to admit to the idea of voter fraud. Haven’t some been claiming it to be a longtime problem? Gotta love that Clinton machine!

Sadly most of us can only depend on the media and rumor mill to get informed. For this reason a persona can be articulated having nothing to do with reality and is usually about a power struggle within the likes of a swarm. Having stated my opinion, I still would not vote for Hillary. As smart as she may be, I sense something wrong with her presence and in her voice when she delivers a speech, is she desperate? Now Bernie has the persuasion juice but Trump has both the juice and historic forward momentum. Unfortunately he presents himself as an ars so ars it is, we can’t afford nice for president. We need to stop selling America to foreigners and painfully get back to work here first.

The only reason you are unaware of the forward momentum of Bernie Sanders is because of a massive attempt to exclude him from the media and obscure his record. He was known as the Amendment King in the Senate, altering literally hundreds of bills to the advantage of ordinary people who would have otherwise been getting more screwed. He was not centered on getting his name on these bills, just on seeing that they served The People. Us. I am not much in favor of career politicians, but if they all served us as he has, I would be fine with it. And yes, he has authored hundreds of pieces of good legislation that has passed. I have followed his career for at least 3 decades and always wished he would run.

The corporate owned and controlled media (thanks to the deregulation during the Clinton era) has completely sabotaged his campaign to the extent of their influence. That is why most of the people who are supporting H. and Trump are older. They are listening to CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc. all of which are lying through their teeth about what is happening in the campaigns. There was NO violence in Nevada, there has been extensive, blatant and admitted voter fraud in all the states that H supposedly won, there have been massive rallies all across the country (10’s of thousands) for Bernie that are not even mentioned. The media adds in superdelegates to the count (never been used this way before) to make the situation look hopeless, etc., etc. and they talk mostly of nothing but Trump, Trump, Trump. I think they are attempting to scare people into voting for H.

The reason that many of Bernie’s supporters are younger is because they do not listen to the corporate “news”, which is now, officially only propaganda, completely without journalistic merit. They get their news online, from other, more reliable and investigative sources. I encourage you to do online searches as to the voracity of anything I have stated here. You would be shocked, I am sure. And you would find that your instinct about H. is more than accurate. It is extremely perceptive.

“Hillary Clinton holds gathering in Santa Barbara”

Guess she hasn’t got California in the books yet…..she must be berning up!

The fact that Crooked Hillary has to speak at tiny staged events like this one in Santa Barbara reveals how unpopular and hated she is!