Tribune to cut costs by outsourcing labor to India

June 5, 2016

The San Luis Obispo Tribune’s parent company, McClatchy, is hiring large numbers of workers through the federal H-1B program with plans to train foreigners to replace U.S. citizens who are currently performing skilled labor. [The Charlotte Observer]

Under the H-1B program, companies can bring foreign workers to the United States temporarily to perform jobs requiring highly skilled labor. While some employers claim it helps them fill jobs where there are not enough qualified U.S. citizens wanting to do the work, critics say the program is being used to replace Americans with foreign tech workers willing to work for less.

In the case of McClatchy, amid financial downfalls, the company has decided to outsource many of its tech jobs to a company based in India.

McClatchy is using the H-1B program to bring over foreign workers to be trained by current employees, many of whom will then lose their jobs to the trainees. McClatchy plans to layoff 121 tech employees across the United States after it outsources much of its technology work to India.

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Flushed into the Ganges…

I hope those employee’s train their replacements to do everything ass backwards and then break every thing they can get their hands on before they go.

I’m one step ahead of the Tribune with my virtual dog that craps on a virtual copy of the Tribune. Outsourcing to a virtual customer can yield big virtual profits too!


– Tribune website might suck less

– Maybe Fulks can be outsourced


– Worthless Tribune might stay in business a few months longer

Observing the McClatchy product, I am surprised they have so many tech jobs.

Of course I was amazed at the number of highly skilled positions that were employed around the country for Obamacare exchanges.

If McClatchy would manage the Obamacare exchanges and outsource the jobs to India … at least that would save us taxpayers some $.

The unemployment rate is down (to 4.7% by BLS on Friday past) … so everyone laid off can find a job easily.

“Thumbs up” for sarcasms enjoyed and underlying truth accepted..

CCN – Such a misleading headline, and you wonder why most folks don’t take you seriously.

Hardly, read the article : “The bulk of the work being directly transferred to Wipro will now be handled by people in India, with the rest performed by an American tech company Wipro will use as a subcontractor, Geiger said.

Read more here:

The trib is offshoring tech support, need to pay your bill? Change your address? Outsourced!

My point being that it is not the Tribune, it is its parent company.

Sure it is the parent company that is cutting tech jobs,it is doing so at each paper, so the charlotte observer minus a few, the bee will lose a few and if the trib has any tech jobs left, them too.

Any “tech” task that can be done remotely will. Put all the desktops in the cloud, virtualize the server farms and the only “tech” job here will be the actual cables, printer jams and office routers.

Newspaper printing and driveway to driveway delivery of yesterday’s news in a digital age is an obsolete business model. Of course they cannot make a profit.

Don’t they get this?