Man caught bringing guns, explosives to California gay pride parade

June 13, 2016

James Wesley HowellWhile a mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando Florida was still unfolding, an Indiana man was found to be in possession of guns and explosives near a gay pride parade that was soon to begin in West Hollywood. Police say they found no evidence of a connection between the two events. [CBS News]

Around 2 a.m. Sunday, Florida man Omar Mateen, who reportedly pledge allegiance to ISIS, opened fire in the Orland nightclub. After a standoff of about three hours, officers killed Mateen. The mass shooting left 50 people dead and more than 50 injured.

At about 5 a.m., officers arrested James Wesley Howell, 20, in Santa Monica. Police found Howell parked the wrong way in a white sedan after neighbors reported suspicious behavior on the street.

Officers searched Howell’s vehicle and found three assault rifles, high capacity magazines and ammunition. Police also found a 5-gallon bucket with chemicals capable of forming an improvised explosive device.

Howell was planning on attending a gay pride parade held Sunday in West Hollywood. He was parked about seven miles away from the event.

Santa Monica Police Chief Jacqueline Seabrooks initially released a tweet stating Howell told officers who questioned him that he wanted to do harm to the event. Seabrooks later stated the tweet was inaccurate and that Howell only said he was going to the gay pride parade.

Authorities have not disclosed a suspected motive for Howell’s actions. The FBI has taken over the investigation.

The gay pride parade took place as scheduled. There was a dramatic increase in security, though.

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Please….that is just some guy on antidepressants.

FINALLY! A white guy! *please* *please* *please* let him be a tea party member!

-said most every journalist and hollyweird type…

Frodo what have you gotten yourself into?

Something I don’t think even Samwise Gamgee can get him out of….. ;o)

CA doesn’t need crackpots from other states, we have enough of our own thank you.

Most of them are in Sacramento though.

Where do you think all of our crackpots came from? ……..Other States. LOL

Most of them were from CA originally….some decide to come back.

This guy reportedly pledged his allegiance to stupidity.

I didn’t know he was a Trump supporter?

Funny!…and true.