Man shot and wounded in Santa Maria

June 9, 2016

crime sceneA man suffered a gunshot wound in Santa Maria late Wednesday night. He survived and is in stable condition in the hospital. [KSBY]

The shooting occurred in the 200 block of N. Smith Street. Officers responded and found the victim but did not make any arrests.

Investigators are requesting that anyone with information about the shooting contact the Santa Maria Police Department or call Crime Stoppers at (888) 996-8847.

Amid a string of gang violence, there were 13 murders in Santa Maria in 2015 and another six homicides in January. Since then, violence has decreased considerably.

In March, authorities arrested 15 foreign nationals from Honduras and El Salvador in a multi-state operation targeting suspects in the Santa Maria murder spree. Santa Maria Police Chief Ralph Martin said the operation prevented at least six additional homicides in a four-week span.


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Man shot and wounded in Santa Maria. In other breaking news, it will be foggy in pismo this mornIng.

I have lived in Santa Maria for 6 years, and came from a city in the Midwest infested by gangs. Santa Maria gangs make the news, and people fear the violence will affect them. Sometimes it does. Most of the time, these crimes are committed by, and to, those who are in the game. There are both immigrants and citizens that do not participate in the game. The SM police are dealing with those who participate. The rest of us…immigrant or not, are living side by side with ease. Prosecute the criminals, not the race or immigration status. It just isn’t as simple as often portrayed by some.

Ladies & Gentlemen,

Santa Maria city officials have embraced ‘Sanctuary City’ status for Santa Maria, and the result is more crime, more violence and a city that is less livable. Shame on ‘Sanctuary City’ Santa Barbara County politicians like Steve Lavignino, Alice Patino and Peter Adam. These political types have taken money from Big Ag, and have neglected their duties to the public in favor of their special-interests.

I wonder how Santa Maria Police Chief Ralph Martin can sleep at night knowing that his failed policies have resulted in numerous deaths of city residents at the hands of violent illegal alien street gangs like the MS-13 drug cartel. Santa Maria welcomed the illegal alien gangsters with open arms so the farmers can have a taxpayer-subsidized labor force, and the result is the local public having to live in fear, with drug sales and open prostitution being the norm.

Do not let what has happened in santa Barbara County take root in SLO County.

Reject ‘Sanctuary City’ politicians.

69% of the voters say you are wrong.

Sad that news of a shooting, stabbing, robbery or assorted violence is NOT news in Santa Maria. The good news is, the excellent Santa Maria police department. I have overwhelming respect for their outstanding service and citizen outreach. These officers, while dealing with a big gang problem, still have such great public respect and approachability with the community, all police departments should take a page from this approach. They are extremely positive in their work and should be complemented on how they treat people. It is a lesson that other smaller towns should implement. Are you listening Morro Bay???

I said that about our PD until I was a victim of a violent crime here in Santa Maria.

They are not able to prevent crime, like in Minority Report. Their response though, has been phenomenal. Nothing but respect and tack when my adopted teen, unfortunately, needed legal intervention for safety reasons. Thank you, SMPD.

Please tell me what a “foreign national” is.