Mother finds her 6-year-old girl with 44-year-old man

June 29, 2016
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Jason Robert Porter

A Paso Robles woman found a 44-year-old man taking lewd photographs of her 6-year-old daughter last week. Police say it was not the first time the man engaged in a lewd act with the child.

At about 10:55 p.m. on June 23, the Paso Robles Police Department received a report of a disturbance outside a home in the 1000 block of Vista Grande Street. Officers discovered the mother had interrupted  Paso Robles resident Jason Robert Porter as he was photographing her daughter. Officers described Porter as a visitor of the home.

While investigating the incident, police determined Porter had previously committed a lewd act with the same victim. Officers arrested Porter at the scene and booked him into San Luis Obispo County Jail on charges of possession of child pornography and committing a lewd act with a child under the age of 14.

Porter is no longer in custody, according to the county sheriff’s office website.

An investigation into Porter’s activities is ongoing. Investigators request that anyone with information about the case call the police department at (805) 237-6464 or Crime Stoppers at (805) 549-STOP.


And you can BET if mom had acted out on this creep–she would still be sitting in a cell for many years to come.


what about the mother? letting that POS get near her daughter again? was she charged in any way for not protecting her daughter? was he that good of a catch she was going to let it slide?? I think not!

Predators will fake interest in a potential victims parent for as long as possible to gain access later on to the child/ren. If your instincts EVER say somethings not right, its prob not. Make your kids come first.

predators like one in AG that didnt have kids but had friends over who did.


You’re assuming the mother knew about the first incident. All the article says is: “While investigating the incident, police determined Porter had previously committed a lewd act with the same victim.” Maybe the police found other pictures on his camera or maybe the 6-year old said something when the police talked to her.


“Police say it was not the first time the man engaged in a lewd act with the child.”

That statement leads me to believe she knew something. I hope she didnt know, because I know what its like to have your mother know and do nothing. The only side Im on here is that little girl. Shes what matters, he’ll go on with his life in or out of prison, she’ll have to deal with the after effects of this her entire life. I hope shes able to get help when she needs it.

As far as assuming….exactly what you are doing with your personal ‘maybes’

I want and like facts, not assumptions that cause rumors and stories to get out of hand.


This isn’t reporting. It’s simply lazy repeating of information found elsewhere without any follow-up or independent effort.


Also the Father of a Daughter


This is the poorest piece of reporting i have encountered in years. (and i am a big CCN fan)

Why was he released.

Whats his court date

Was he charged or not charged with a crime

Was bail set

Has he been reported to Amber Alert

Did the mother call the cops?

Did he escape.

I own a baseball bat, could someone send him (and the mother) my way for an hour or so….


A Father of daughters


I’d prefer CCN use their very small staff to keep doing the investigative journalism pieces they do instead of using their time telling you when is his court date.

If you really want to follow this case, go to the San Luis Obispo Court webpage and keep a watch on their Daily Calendar.

CCN has to use their resources wisely if we want them to continue their investigative journalism.


Actually, for those of us that no longer get our local fish wraps, and the TV news is very selective with their reporting, I appreciate getting these news clips. How many of us would know about this local news.

I read at least 5 state and national newspapers a day to get real news and different viewpoints on the real issues and concerns corrupting us these days. No one paper will provide the whole truth anymore!


Booked without a shirt on, nice! Mom, Dad and brothers must be proud! Not like this guy didn’t know better, raised in a solid enviroment…


The courts in SLO County willfully aid and abet criminals while punishing their victims.

I remember when an adult perp received only 30 days in jail for raping a 15 yo in Paso Robles.

Soon after, the perp raped a second victim in Las Vegas, NV.

The State of Nevada made the repeat offender a Registered Sex Offender.


Again, who is the DA? That’s right Dan Dow, congrats to the DA’s office, to rough to protect the children. Quite a man, Dan….


Hmmmmm…. 3 months in jail and probation. How about 20 years in prison.


Will never happen in California. Laws have changed regarding misdemeanors and felonies, bail amounts, time served, prison vs jails. We the public voted for this in 2014,

This was done as a way to give fairness to criminals, have charged reduced or removed after serving your sentence, and actually gave ore rights to the criminals then the voters. We approved it so we live with it now!


Sorry, but you’re wrong. There are mandatory sentences for some sex crimes, like lewd acts with a minor under 14.

If he was taking pictures, he touched her somewhere on her body. That would be force and that would be for sexual pleasure. Those elements could get him mandatory 20 years.

The trouble is what the DA is willing to charge him with.

AND that trouble starts with the liberals who sit on the juries and won’t convict. Those of you who are bashing the DA need to know he has to consider what he can win. All it takes is one progressive liberal on the jury and the case is lost.


If this is not the first time this guy has done something with this child WHY in the hell was he given access to her again?


Why is this sexual predator not a Registered Sex Offender????


Im going to ‘assume’ the 1 down vote so far is by another mo.


Moms – you’ve got to protect your kids and vet those boyfriends that come around. I’m really glad this Mom called the police. I hope this little girl will be ok.