Resnicks apologize, plan to donate land to SLO County

June 24, 2016
Stewart and Lynda Resnick

Stewart and Lynda Resnick

Statement from Lynda and Stewart Resnick

As the owners of Justin Vineyards & Winery, we try to instill in our local team a neighborly spirit, environmental responsibility and entrepreneurial independence, but when we learned of the terrible situation at our Sleepy Farm Road property, not to mention our poor reputation within the community, we were ashamed and are sorry.  We were asleep at the wheel.

Over the last few days, we’ve been conducting an internal review of the project and learned that while genuine efforts to meet county ordinances were made, unfortunately, there were absolutely unacceptable lapses of judgment. We’ve also talked to local residents to better understand the issues and our standing within the Paso Robles community and found that our actions are an embarrassment, and for that, we take full responsibility.

We are horrified by the lack of regard for both neighbor and nature that has been exhibited, especially the removal of native oak woodlands, and we hope that the community will accept our deepest and most sincere apologies and find it in their hearts to forgive us. We want to make things right, starting now.

Deforestation by Justin Vineyards

Deforestation by Justin Vineyards

We have already been in active and positive discussions with the San Luis Obispo County planning and building leaders and shared our plan to donate this 380-acre parcel of land at Sleepy Farm Road, and we’re actively exploring the best possible ways to make that happen, in addition to looking for other conservation opportunities in the greater Adelaida area.

As part of this preservation, we will ensure that all necessary steps are taken to conserve this land in cooperation with county and local officials. Also included in this re-mitigation process will be the implementation of immediate sedimentation and erosion control measures; the elimination of our pond project and restoring it to its natural grade; implementing measures to permanently protect oak woodlands from being removed on at least 100 acres of our property; and planting 5,000 new oak trees across our properties.

These actions are just the beginning of our commitment to being a better, more engaged neighbor, a true steward of the land, and a local voice that lives up to the spirit of Paso Robles. We want to walk arm-in-arm with our neighbors to ensure the future of sustainable farming in the region.

We know that proof of this will be in our actions, not just our words, and we look forward to working together to earn the support and trust of the Paso Robles community.



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This is all about sweetening us up so they can continue their campaign to take over our water. Don’t be fooled. Don’t be bought. Remember all if Adam Hill’s apologies? These are his buddies.

Jorge Estrada

This will only get more interesting?


“implementing measures to permanently protect oak woodlands from being removed on at least 100 acres of our property”

How many acres do they have that they still plan to deforest?

I don’t buy this at all. Sheer manipulation of the public in order to further backroom deals and payoffs. Smoke and Mirrors.

Anybody who believes the Resnicks are coming from a caring concerned position, please get yourself someone to be your power of attorney. You are at risk. And whatever you do, Don’t Vote.


I didn’t read any excuse making. Why not take the apology at face value? Is this class envy now?


I don’t think so. These people have a long history of pillaging and plundering the land in this area, and over in the central valley. Google the Resnicks. They have a long, long road ahead of them if they really intend to change their greedy, unconscionable, robber baron ways. They have been exploiting loopholes to gain control of water here and other places for years.


BigRed are you that gullible??? Their “Apology” is pathetic and it sounds like they were going to throw one of their staff under the bus for this. This couple is environmentally dangerous and they must think SLO county folks are a bunch of uneducated hillbillies.


Or so full of elitists that they expect their fake apologies are enough. wink wink



I trying figure out if you wrote your sentence for a reaction, or you really believe the apology was worth its value.

Check the vineyard’s historical record and those who run it. These people need to be held accountable. Otherwise, others will fellow believing there are many like you making and possibly believing the statement you have written.

There are times when people and organizations can be forgiven, this is not one of those cases… class envy? I don’t think so!


Hey, wait a minute Kevin…that “dirt lot” is useable. We should turn it into a county off-road vehicle area to take some of the load off the Oceano dunes. Thank you Resnicks, for helping us mitigate the Oceano dunes dust rule.


The giving away of the property to the county – if indeed this ever happens – will be to pay off the SLO County warlords. However, don’t expect these sleazy carpetbaggers to be anything but the typical crony oligarchs that they are.

Pardon me now while I take a needed shower to wipe off all that phony excuse for of an apology.

And don’t bend over folks.


I would bet they didn’t even write this apology. Probably had someone out of their publicity dept. do it. I would also wager we could find a few apology letters to other places they have disrespected that look the same and sound the same. JMO



It was a PR spin to the max. Too long and wordy in the belief and attempt that more gushing is better. The apology only make me take a more aggressive measure in literature out-sourcing to point out to those in the industry and community what a bad service and husbandry to the people and land the Resnicks’ have embarked on.

We all lose: The Resnicks’, the people, and the land.

PS: Where would all the water come from should they have succeeded? And where will the water come from should the land be given to the county, which I doubt will happen in my lifetime. Time for action people!


The repetitive droll of their apology letter was hard enough to digest. When they claimed they wanted to “walk arm in arm with their neighbors” I thought I threw up in my mouth, I was so disgusted. “A Big PR Spin” Absolutely nailed it there my friend. JMO

Kevin Rice

Here’s a free dirt “nature” lot while we try to take your water.


If you really want to help our community and you are truly sorry as you say you are? You will just go away – Far away. We don’t believe your PHONY APOLOGY / BS schmoozing and greasing of the palms. Your greediness proceeds you. Not sure if I speak for all, but for many? Yes, GO AWAY !!

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