SLO bicycle thief gets a black eye, trip to jail

June 8, 2016
Jeremy Christensen

Jeremy Christensen

A Templeton man who got caught stealing a bicycle in San Luis Obispo received a black eye and a trip to jail Tuesday. The victim got his bicycle back.

Jeremy Christensen, 43, allegedly used bolt cutters to cut the lock on a bicycle that was attached to a bike rack on the owner’s vehicle. An alert citizen saw Christensen walking away with two bicycles and notified the victim, according to the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

The victim then confronted Christensen and, with the help of a witness, physically restrained the thief to prevent him from fleeing before officers arrived. The police department received a call about the incident at about 3 p.m.

Officers responded to El Capitan Way and Broad Street, where a “physical altercation” had occurred, according to a police department news release. When the officers arrived, they searched Christensen and found a hypodermic needle.

Police arrested Christensen and charged him with grand theft, possession of burglary tools and possession of paraphernalia. Officers booked Christensen into the San Luis Obispo County Jail, where he remains with his bail set at $20,000.


Glad they detained this garbage. Tip: be careful mixing it up with this type of tweaker trash. Many times they’re walking bio-hazard with Hepatitis or worse. Boots are good tools for this type of thing.


This story and the picture of the perp warms my heart. We need more like this.


Stories like these give me hope for humanity.


Thank goodness someone decided to get involved instead of just turning and walking away. I think Jeremy must have fallen over the bike when he tried to get away, no physical altercation wink wink


People are fighting back…we have to because our government is prematurely releasing crooks from prison by the thousands. But we will get a fast train to nowhere so I guess it’s okay.


Sure he wasn’t on a date with Ryan Petetit?


Good old street justice, but it would not surprise me if he was to file a lawsuit against the victim for the injuries. A little free cash for more drugs.


He might have trouble finding a sympathetic jury if he does.

the situation

Better check on that jaw bud. Looks a little broken to me


Looks like he tried to eye-butt the robbery victim’s fist. He needs to be charged with that as well.