Bicyclist hit, killed by car in Edna Valley

July 15, 2016

ambulance 4A driver struck and killed a bicyclist who was riding on Highway 227 in Edna Valley Thursday evening. The victim was a 58-year-old San Luis Obispo woman. [KSBY]

At around 6:45 p.m., a 53-year-old Oceano woman was traveling northbound on Highway 227 when she drifted onto the right shoulder, where the bicyclist was riding.

After the driver struck the bicyclist, the victim landed in a ditch and suffered several broken bones and other injuries. Doctors at Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center pronounced the woman dead less than an hour later.

It is unclear what caused the driver to drift onto the shoulder of the road. Investigators do not believe the driver was intoxicated at the time of the collision.

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Segregated bike lanes now- you son’s ‘o’ bitch politicians!

“At around 6:45 p.m” is it possible the sun was at an angle and interfered with the driver being to able to see clearly

No, 6:45 is too early and the road is not facing into a sunset (which was past 8pm)

We need to quit spending money on all of these bike lane studies that come to the conclusion that a 4″ or 6″ painted white line is going to designate a bike lane that will protect you from an automobile. If you believe it will then go bike riding on the highways, good luck!

Precisely why I refuse to ride bicycles now. Have an expensive touring bike that collects dust. Never know when a text or facebook post will kill you.

Why don’t you give the bike to me ?

The motorist was drifting all over the road because they were texting while driving????

I was going to say they should check the phone records…

Horrible tragedy…

The communities heart goes out to the Family.