Good Samaritans rescue an Oceano woman from violent assailant

July 22, 2016
Kenneth Eugene Groves

Kenneth Eugene Groves

While an Oceano woman’s 2-year-old son watched, a 55-year-old man grabbed the mother by the throat, punched her, forced her to the ground and held a knife to her throat.

At approximately 3 p.m. the Oceano woman returned to her home on the 1300 block of 23rd Street after taking a walk with her son. As the woman and her child walked through the backyard gate, she noticed a man in their yard

 Oceano resident Kenneth Eugene Groves responded by grabbing the woman by her throat and threatening to kill her, according to the sheriff’s office. Groves then struck the victim with his fist and forced her to the ground while she screamed for help.

Three men who were passing by in a vehicle heard the woman’s screams, jumped the fence into the backyard and found Groves holding a knife to the woman’s throat.

The men fought Groves and managed to restrain him until deputies arrived. Deputies arrested Groves and charged him with numerous offenses, including assault with a deadly weapon, criminal threats with intent to terrorize and assault with great bodily injury and burglary.

Deputies booked Groves into the San Luis Obispo County Jail in lieu of $100,000 bail.


NICE! love the black eye…..


This woman and her son are extremely fortunate that three guys with the right stuff happened by at just the right time.

I hope she is able to overcome the fear she undoubtedly now lives with…unimaginable.

Let’s hope her son is young enough to remember how the good guys came to save mommy and not much else.

It feels like the world has gone mad.

Thank goodness for those courageous men who didn’t hesitate to help a stranger in need. Well done.


Now those are the type of guys Santa Maria police needs to hire, They disarmed a man with a knife to a woman’s throat without any weapons. SMPD would have pumped 15 rounds into him.


Lucky he was not in Santa Maria. He would be dead.


This person attacked her in front of her 2 year old child, in her back yard! What the hell is the matter with this society?


how is it that three unarmed untrained men come across a knife wielding man with hostages to boot, a woman AND child, and those three unarmed untrained men with no equipment, training, weapons or know how other than pure courage and willingness to help out someone in danger, are able to apprehend without killing him, a violent subject and both woman and child are ok, yet the police in a much less risky and dangerous situation with much more training, equipment, experience, resources at their avail, execute firing squad style a mentally ill man in what was a much less volatile situation? Answer: Those cops are cowards, pure unadulterated unmitigated cowards, while these three men are true and absolute heroes. SMPD are just absolute cowards.

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Who says they are untrained? Sounds like these men may have known what they were doing.


josewales………. well said…………to all the thumbs down voters,sometimes the truth hurts.


no…. what hurts is seeing some American people so gullible as to fall for the hands up don’t shoot bullcrap. Cops are human and everyone in uniform and out can make mistakes. If you don’t want to be a victim of a police shooting then leave your gun at home and do what you are told to do when confronted by a uniformed officer of the law.

Hating all cops for the dreadful actions of a few is bigotry. This guy is lucky one of these three men didn’t have a gun because the event could have been even more tragic than it was. To read joseywales post using this story to attack the bravery of police officers frankly makes me sick and proves to me his hatred of cops has been within him for a long time.


I have respect for law enforcement and comply and I really don’t judge an entire group of people on the actions of a few, however, your logic doesn’t really fly in the real world. Try telling it to the behavioral therapist that was laying on his back with his hands up, innocent and unarmed….he still got shot, then they came up with a cock and bull story that they were trying to shoot the autistic guy they thought had a gun and they missed! Give me a break, if they were trying to protect him, why did they handcuff him and allow him to go unattended for 20 min.while he was bleeding. You can go on and on with examples of gross overreaction and poor decision making on the part of LE.,Yeah, some of them are brave dedicated people and some of them are complete assholes who discredit the good ones. Part of the problem is the culture that requires the good ones to stand up for the bad ones Your reasoning only applies to white guys in SLO.Yes, cops are human, they provide a much needed service, but don’t be so gullible as to think some of them don’t lie, cheat and steal.Time to crawl out from under your rock.


So you are the authority on what is cock and bull and what is not? The next time you vocalize the sentence “don’t be so gullible as to think some of them don’t lie, cheat and steal” do yourself a favor…talk to a cop first. He or she will tell you that their profession is one of the most closely watched and scrutinized occupations in the nation. Every action they take in the field is looked at by internal affairs. This country for example would be way better governed if we watched the politicians as well as we do the cops.


Hmm maybe because the guys who helped (great job btw) don’t have a bunch of a**holes in society second guessing their every move, so one less thing to worry about.


Well Josey, why don’t you become a cop…the academy and all and then as a new recruit be assigned to the worst areas, and let’s see how you not only protect and serve, but manage to go home every night to your family and/or loved ones.

If you are not willing to put your life on the line every day….then YOU are the coward.


Looks like the Oceano boys opened up a can of Whoopass! Well done.


Hmmmmm….. “… and managed to restrain him until deputies arrived.”

Judging from the right side of Groves’ face, I’d say the three good Samaritans did a pretty good job of “restraining” him until the deputies arrived.

Too bad they didn’t have enough time to finish the job before those deputies arrived. That prick still has a smirk on his face that should be wiped off.


There should be a reward fund for these three heros.


sorry you have to kill for a reward……SMPD get the rewards…


sorry you have so much distrust of our system and disdain for law enforcement…