Tesla slams into Atascadero sushi restaurant

July 11, 2016


A brand new Tesla sedan slammed into an Atascadero sushi restaurant Sunday evening, stopping about three feet into the kitchen. [KSBY]

Around 6:15 p.m., a driver was trying to park a 2016 Tesla but crashed into Kai Lana Sushi & Seafood in the 3000 block of El Camino Real. The collision caused major damage to the restaurant, but no one suffered injuries.

Police say drugs and alcohol are not suspected as factors in the crash. It is unclear what caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle.



never would have happened in SLO – no drive thru


Rich people being stupid. How can you be smart enough to make enough money and acquire a Tesla yet dumb enough to crash it into a building?

Jorge Estrada

That is a simple answer: Just become a environmentalist architect and save all development for your drafting table.


The crash must have been electrifying, maybe they were meeting someone with a stingray.


Apparently, the Tesla does like sushi.

still laughing

No drugs or alcohol probably just good old dementia!


Too many glasses on wine??


It wasn’t one of those self-driving models was it? Even on the “regular” models I think they have an “auto-park” feature.

Jorge Estrada

The smarter the car, the dumber the crash.


Tesla, over priced, over rated.


over rated…sorta like your comment


Less about each other, much much less.

Rich in MB

Coal powered cars are so 1900’s.

But at least no one hurt, well except the tax payers who subsidized the 1%-er car.

Jorge Estrada

Yes but coal powered cars pay taxes through the purchase of fuel which maintains the roads they travel on. The rich people avoid taxes and enjoy driving their electric cars on tax fund roads that they do not pay a gas tax to maintain. With this new tax short fall the State wants everyone to pay a miles traveled tax due to the claimed gas tax funding short fall. This is an absolute miss spoken statement per political lingo or an absolute lie in English.

Electric cars can pay a hefty registration and the state can quit their misappropriation of gas tax monies and use it as promised. Then there is the discussion for a 1/2 cent sale tax to fix it proposal????????ya, and the checks In the mail.


Aren’t they nuclear powered cars in SLO county?

Rich in MB

Na…Mothers to save the Earth from the Evils of Nuke Power shut it down.


Guess you missed the story. The owners shut it down because they saw nothing but red ink if they didn’t. Just capitalism, no conspiracy.