Atascadero woman arrested for animal cruelty

August 19, 2016
post from Suzanne Sollenne's Facebook page

post from Suzanne Sollenne’s Facebook page

Law enforcement officers seized 40 dogs from an Atascadero woman Thursday before arresting her on animal cruelty charges.

Suzanne Sollenne and her dogs were living in unsanitary conditions and many of the dogs needed treatment for physical ailments. There were also decomposing carcasses of at least two large dogs in a yard next to the home, according to San Luis Obispo County Animal Services.

Authorities searched Sollenne’s home in the 7400 block of Bella Vista Road after receiving credible information that she was housing dogs in unhealthy, overcrowded conditions.

post from Suzanne Sollenne's Facebook page

Post from Suzanne Sollenne’s Facebook page

Officers struggled to remove some of the dogs. One animal services worker was bitten, and officers needed to tranquilize five large dogs in order to transport them.

Most of the animals the officers seized were medium to large-size dogs. About half of the dogs needed treatment for physical or medical ailments. Several dogs had untreated bite wounds, while others had eye injuries, skin infections, dental problem and neurological issues, according to Animal Services.

Sollenne’s Facebook page contains numerous posts about rescuing dogs.

After arresting Sollenne, officers booked her into the San Luis Obispo County Jail. She is no longer in custody, according to the county sheriff’s office website.

Officials are housing the dogs at the county Animal Services shelter.

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I have to agree with @horse_soldier. From what I’ve read on her old website, it looks like she did have the best intentions. We were just trying to find out more information about the history of her old site, and ran across this post. Good info and opinions. Hope she’s okay or things turn out well for everyone. After the domain name expired, we bought it because we wanted to create a network of safe shelters and rescues for dogs and ask for reviews and postings so people can check out individual shelters. The website just recently launched and we’re filling in information as we can, so any feedback from people who truly care about dogs is very welcome!

I have known Suzanne and worked with her rescuing dogs since 1999 and she HAS rescued and rehomed over 700 dogs. You can’t believe everything you read. Anderson has had a bone to pick with her for years. She had a legitimate permit for rescue for several years and jumped through MANY hoops for it (more than other rescuers ) she does not discriminate on the dogs she brings in…meaning that some are debilitated, have skin conditions, amputations, allergies, elderly, etc. Those dogs usually live out their lives at her home. Some have lived to be 17. If they were in such horrible conditions they wouldn’t live that long. All the dogs were allowed to roam freely on the property during the day and were crated at night. When they were confiscated it was in the morning which is why some were still in their crates. You don’t keep food and water in overnight crates. Also the dogs are fed twice daily not “free fed” & there are HUGE water buckets all over the property so saying they had no access is a lie. She has buried some on her property after they pass and unfortunately being a large rural property that it is, wild animals sometimes dig up the remains at which she has to rebury them deeper. This is a natural occurrence. The animals were afraid when several officers bulldozed onto the property causing great fear in them so of course they were upset and are calmer now but they WERE calm and happy with her. There are SEVERAL people in our community that have adopted dogs from her so her “claims” of using her pottery money for rescued dogs is ABSOLUTELY TRUE. Every dime she makes is for the benefit of those dogs. Shame on those speculating otherwise. She makes great sacrifices for them. The ONLY thing Suzanne is guilty of is having a bleeding heart for dogs that are constantly thrown away while breeders who keep dogs in horrible conditions for the benefit of lining their own wallets are barely governed and contributing to the over population of dogs that are being euthanized daily in large numbers.

A dog wearing a tag with her contact information killed my family’s dairy goats several years ago. Animal Services came out at the time, and she denied responsibility. Looks like the situation has been out of control for awhile.

We had a really negative experience with her related to the adoption of a dog about ten years ago. I admired her for trying rescue dogs, but she did it with a militancy that was a bit frightening in my view. I had pushed her out of my memory bank until this unfortunate reminder.

Sad for the human and sad for the dogs.

No doubt she started with the best of intentions…

This type of situation time and again has been shown that the person suffers from OCD. Hopefully she can get treatment for herself after all the legalities of this play out.