German and Australian tourists collide on Highway 1

August 4, 2016

ambulance 4Two white Jeep SUVs — one carrying four German tourists and one carrying an Australian couple — collided on Highway 1 at the south end of San Simeon Wednesday afternoon. All four Germans went to the hospital on what was supposed to be the final day of their trip. [Tribune]

The collision occurred around 1:15 p.m. when the Australian couple tried to make a left turn onto Vista Del Mar Avenue, turned into oncoming traffic, and their Jeep collided with the Germans’ jeep.

Following the collision, the Australians’ jeep spun around and rolled forward. The front end of the Jeep sustained significant damage.

The other Jeep sustained heavy damage to its left side. Also, a portion of the bumper came off the vehicle, and the rest of the bumper was hanging of the right side of the Jeep.

Two of the Germans suffered moderate injuries and two suffered minor injuries. The group of Germans consisted of two adults and two children. They were due to fly back to Germany on Thursday.

The Australian couple, a 42-year-old man and a 41-year-old woman, declined medical treatment.

Traffic on Highway 1 slowed for about an hour, primarily on the southbound side, as workers cleared debris from the road.


When worlds collide. Hurry up with the self-driving vehicles already!


I guy just died in Florida when his Tesla drove into a truck turning left into his path while his autopilot was controlling his car. The real world environment on the roads is far too complex for a computer to evaluate and correctly respond in a timely manner; and that is even if the software detects the anomaly.


Clearly the only options is to equip all cars with an autopilot/automated control system. That way a truck would not turn left if the computer sees an oncoming car and it can not be absolutely assured the car would avoid a crash. Then again we can also allow all car computers to communicate to all the cars around and they can all agree how to drive to avoid all accidents.

you state, “The real world environment on the roads is far too complex for a computer to evaluate”, and that is only a problem when there is even one cars not controlled by a computer, whenever humans are added accidents happen. Welcome SkyNet.


And of course all of this would be under government control.


It’s a nice straight flat piece of road. It’s tough to visit another country where they drive on the opposite side of the road. In Australia, you are against the curb when you turn left and you have to look out for traffic coming from your right and not at the traffic coming towards you. I bet the Australian driver became momentary confused and didn’t look for the traffic (on the “wrong” side of the road) before turning. The German driver might have been going a little fast as German drivers often do. Then everyone is distracted by the beautiful scenery.

Ben Daho

How do you determine the cause of an accident by a 3rd hand article? It was the butler with the candlestick by the moonlight using Chicago thug style politics


I apply inductive logic and reasoning combined with driving in the UK. Doubtless, you know that they also drive on the left. If it is not clear from my writing that this is a supposition then I believe that you should understand that; not only from the content but also from the fact that never claimed to have witnessed the event. I don’t have to withhold forming a hypothesis. We are not in a court of law sitting on a jury.


It can definitely be confusing. I almost got hit by a car in England when I stepped out in front of it to cross the street. I was looking in the wrong direction.


R.E. German drivers: methinks you don’t know what you are talking about; I have ridden a motorcycle in Germany and I can tell you German drivers blow away American drivers. Germans drive much more politely; EVERYBODY uses turn signals, and EVERYBODY lets the other guy in! What a concept! And, on the autobahn, slower traffic stays to the right, the faster zips by on the left. Road hogs? Not! If you are in the left lane, and you see lights flash behind you, you damn better get out of the way, ’cause the other driver KNOWS you will get out of the way, and they will hit you going 160 klicks. Imagine this fantasy: American drivers driving correctly and politely! Total pipe dream, I know…I’d hate to be a German driving in the USA for the first time. Agree about the Aussies; I’d be afraid of screwing up driving in their country!


Funny but the You Tube videos from dash cameras show something quite different happens on the roads and highways in Germany. plenty of people driving too fast and overtaking in dangerous ways, running red lights, ….in other words, Germans can be big jerks just like people everywhere.

eradicate ignorance

Got me to click CCN. I thought that headline was actually the beginning of a joke. ” An Australian and German tourist walk into a bar…”

Jorge Estrada

I too was waiting for the punch line? “Here’s another round and a toast to only in America.”