Hill pressures recipients of county funds for donations

August 9, 2016
Supervisor Adam Hill

Supervisor Adam Hill


In an email San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Adam Hill sent to a group of people affiliated with a local program that receives county monies, Hill ties the county’s financial support to donations to his reelection campaign. Hill notes in his email that $99 donations are “not going to cut it.”

Hill sent the email to 11 people affiliated with the Economic Vitality Corporation including Brad Wilde, who profited from the sale of property in a deal Hill brokered; Economic Vitality Corporation President Mike Manchak, Cannon Corporation CEO Mike Cannon, Brad Brechwald with the Wallace Group, attorney Ziyad Naccasha and Lenard Grant with RRM Design Group.


Hill’s July 30 email:

“Nothing personal but as we head towards a post Diablo economy it’s worth considering this: SLO is way to precious about itself, and it’s businesses leaders are often guilty of the same, wishing to avoid controversy at all costs.

“Guess what? Effective leaders are controversial, especially in these times.

“There are always excuses as to why people won’t write checks to effective elected but they are excuses and nothing more. The EVC is still funded strongly by the county because of me—no one else on the Board of supervisors cares about it. That is the truth.

“If it is to strengthen going forward, it will take my advocacy, and yes pushing. I also created the partnership with the HotHouse and that relationship will need to grow as well.

“I can go on as to many other important projects, but the point is this: some people want people who will always vote yes for projects (Debbie Arnold) but often those same people simply cannot lead any initiatives nor any policy. I am not trying to be insulting, I am trying to be matter of fact.

“I have some similar donors with Debbie, and Lynn, and I know we are supported for different reasons that I understand. But most people would rather not support anyone or write a $99 check. That’s not going to cut it.

“I have taken more heat than anyone deserves (even with my big mouth) and it has had terrible consequences on my health and personal life. So yes, I do get a disappointed by the lack of strong support from too many business leaders. I don’t really care if people like me as long as they recognize the good things I’ve done for community.

“But there is too much preciousness, fear of disapproval, and clubbiness to get strong political leadership in the community.

“More business leaders should be like Nick Tompkins and Gary Grossman who never feel like they have to make excuses to support me, do so generously, and do so regardless if we agree on everything or not.

“I know not everyone is as well off as they are, but again, there are always excuses to not do something and then complaints because something doesn’t happen…




Also on July 30, Leonard Grant of RRM Design Group sent the following email to Hill and the other 10 recipients in the email chain:

“Our business does not write checks to candidates Adam. We can as individuals. I haven’t written a check to your opponent. I’ve donated a lot of time to programs that support housing of all types and infrastructure. Sorry I don’t agree with you my friend. But it would be great to get some desal.”


On July 30, Hill responded to Grant with the following email:

“Most of the business community does not support political will/leadership, Lenny. You are an example of that.

“That’s why we get crummy candidates like my opponent (who you support) because our community is afraid (with certain exceptions like Mike Cannon and Brad Wilde being two in this chain) to offend anyone, to take sides, or to put their money where their mouth is and help elect people who are willing to take the heat to get things done.

“You get what your support.


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What a charming young man!

Cheers Adam.

Using our money to buy political power and then rewarding his money men. It’s the same damn thing that politicians do all over this state. That’s why our taxes are so high and our state is broke.

It’s so nice to see Grossman and Tompkins getting the true recognition they deserve.

Here’s what cracks me the hell up –

Adam’s big 2015 birthday shindig was at Gary Grossman’s house.

Almost every person Adam name-checks in this email was in attendance (as well as Kristen Barneich).

Michelle Grant could not have lapped up the rarefied air any more than if Coco herself was selling it inside a hobo bag on 5th Avenue, so for “Lenny” to be offended is comedy gold.

Adam *the toad* Hill was hot local shit until the June primary, where he cooled like grandma’s apple pie on the windowsill, but with less enjoyment.

Let us all sing together . . . “na na na na . . . hey hey hey . . . GOODBYE!”

Too-dah-loo to Miss Dee(struction) and Adam *the toad* Hill. SLO deserves better and will elect better. I hope Hannah (call me HAWN-AWH) Miller is polishing her resume as we speak.




So I take it you were there at the party, too?

That’s interesting…

Dan Carpenter should forward this to the FPPC. This ” send me some money or you won’t get my support” attitude is way beyond unethical. Adam Hill has just crossed over from the stupid category into the illegal zone.

Adam Hill: You f’d up when you disparaged your constituents in a meandering screed (http://www.newtimesslo.com/letters-to-the-editor/10485/who-is-susceptible-to-conspiracytheory-thinking/ );

You f’d up when you impersonated your last opponent Ed Waage in a cryptic voicemail to a constituent (http://www.publicceo.com/2012/01/san-luis-obispo-supervisor-impersonates-campaign-challenger-in-malicious-voice-mail/ );

and your wife f’d up when she confronted your current opponent Dan Carpenter at public setting, calling him “fucking pig” and attempted to slap him (http://calcoastnews.com/2016/05/dee-torres-hill-rips-nonprofit-volunteer-fundraiser/#sthash.41oA28Hr.dpbs ).

Now, it’s almost refreshing that you did something that is just plainly dumb, with only a hint of implied violence, which is this email train that captures you quid pro quo approach to governing. Thank you. I look forward to your loss.

Adam Hill is a pay to play politician who represents everything that is wrong in politics. For the good of everyone in SLO county we need to get rid of this fat abusive pig! The worst part is he pretends to be a liberal in favor of protecting the county against evil developers while taking all the money he can get from the worst developers out there. Hypocrite needs to go!

It seems like this must be illegal. I am not familiar with most of the California Fair Political Practices Committee campaign regulations, but the FPPC has an information line that could be used by anyone Hill has pressured for contributions. This is a quote from their Web site.

“Seeking informal advice from the FPPC offers you an opportunity to have simple questions answered by experienced staff, either by emailing advice@fppc.ca.gov or by calling 1-866-ASK-FPPC (1-866-275-3772). Telephone advice is available Monday through Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. ”

I would think someone there could cite a specific regulation that forbids this kind of thing – assuming there is one. It is probably the wrong term, but this kind of sounds like “influence peddling”.

Rich in MB, of course he’s that crazy. He puts it on video, too.

Remember the meetings when he wanted Debbie Peterson removed from the APCD? He waved around a spreadsheet showing $38,000 he “gave” to Grover Beach charities that he could keep giving…oh, and remove Debbie from the APCD, or the other time when he said the same but left one of his “bronze” medallions on the dais for every council member as a reminder to remove Debbie if you want my funds for your charities.

1:42:13.http://www.slo-span.org/media.php?agency=gbcc July 15,2013 1:42:13