Motel room standoff suspect sentenced to 14 years

August 11, 2016
Richard Anthony Rodriguez

Richard Anthony Rodriguez

A Nipomo man whom San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies spent two weeks searching for has received a 14-year prison sentence for attempted murder. The search for Richard Anthony Rodriguez included a 12-hour standoff with an empty motel room.

On Feb. 16., Rodriguez, 30, fired a shot at his ex-girlfriend and two other women after driving alongside them in Nipomo. No one suffered injuries in the shooting.

A search ensued, and early in the morning on Feb. 19, Paso Robles police found Rodriguez’s vehicle at a Motel 6.

Sheriff’s deputies arrived at the Paso Robles motel about 45 minutes later. Deputies cordoned off the motel, shut down a road and spent hours trying to speak to Rodriguez, who they thought was inside the room.

But, Rodriguez had likely fled prior to deputies arriving to the motel. After breaking down the motel room door and sending a robot inside to search for Rodriguez, deputies concluded the suspect was was not there.

Ten days later, deputies tracked down Rodriguez in Arroyo Grande and arrested him.

On July 13, Rodriguez was convicted of one count of attempted murder. The conviction came with a seven-year sentence, but Rodriguez’s prison term was doubled because he had a prior strike on his record.

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He’s going to be pissed when he gets out of prison and finds out he’s been assigned one of those new central coast area codes.

I hope the gang banger NEVER EVERE gets out.

Don’t hold your breath – under good behavior (as if!) rules he’ll be out in seven years or less. But maybe he’ll commit yet another felony and he’ll then be locked up forever – that is, if we still have three strikes law? Let’s just hope he doesn’t succeed in his next murder attempt.

Nice looking guy, I figure the number is the amount of encounters he will have in the shower stalls

Nice one. I’m guessing 805 bends over for 559 and 661.

Not to worry, it’s an overlay. New numbers will get the new area code and it will be 10 digit dialing for all of us. Radio contests will be tougher, but I will still win my share. The effect on area code identified gangsters will be more complicated. 805 will have initial cache (that’s a French word, not your stash, for those of you over the Grade) but the newbies with the new tattoos will not tolerate disrespect for long. I’m getting my ‘805’ tattoo today!