Phony IRS agent targeting SLO County residents

August 11, 2016

HNbdQu_vThe San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about an IRS phone scam that is spreading locally. Sheriff’s officials received 11 reports over the last 10 days from people targeted by the scammer or scammers, the agency announced Wednesday.

Authorities did not make any mention, though, of local residents falling for the scam.

A sheriff’s office press release states a scammer calls residents and claims to be a representative of the IRS. The caller then tells the person on the other end that he/she owes money to the IRS and must pay promptly through a wire transfer or pre-loaded debit card or face jail time. At times, the caller has said a deputy would be sent to the individual’s home if the payment is not made immediately.

The caller is often aggressive, hostile and insulting. The scammer may call back, even if someone hangs up the phone, according to the sheriff’s office.

Sheriff’s officials would like to inform the public that the IRS will never call to demand an immediate payment, ask for card numbers over the phone or threaten to send law enforcement to arrest someone for not paying. Additionally, IRS agents will never demand payments without offering the taxpayer the opportunity to question or appeal the amount owed, according to the sheriff’s office.

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The only thing worse than a fake IRS agent is a real IRS agent.

Notice that they did not say the IRS would never be “aggressive, hostile and insulting”.

Still better than the real IRS scam…..


Hello? IRS? Looking for Mr Vagabond? Yes, I’ll go get him, hang on (puts phone down and walks away for 20 min.)

This has been going on for months and law enforcement doesn’t seem to have the technical skills or equipment to stop it as of yet.First off the IRS doesn’t operate through phone calls, they notify you in writing.Second you can look up the number they give you to call on line on white pages which will tell if it is a known scam.These guys use the computer to access the phones so they can disappear once someone is on to them.Don’t blindly believe everything from the phone or internet.Have had three or four of these calls and have given them verbal abuse but maybe better to ignore them or if you have time report them on line.

Well, if the IRS did not lose so much personal and private information (such as names, SSN’s, DoB, addresses, phone numbers, etc) then there would be a whole lot less scamming going on.

Who alive today thinks that a WIRE TRANSFER as an official means of paying a debt even sounds remotely plausible? Probably the same ones who think they’re going to make millions helping a Nigerian prince…

Who alive today……..the same people you see at the market writing a check….but then again, that’s probably safer.