Political elites on both sides need to go

August 6, 2016
Justin Fareed

Justin Fareed


This election, both nationally and locally, has highlighted a stark divide in our country between those who are deeply entrenched in the political establishment and those with a vision who are working to bring true representation back to the people of our nation.

What this year’s Democratic National Convention has made clear is that the system is rigged in favor of those of whom are entrenched in the insider system, the political elite who offer nothing more than failed policies and recycled ideas. The “democratic” establishment and the career politicians within our own community continuously back other political insiders, like Hillary Clinton and my opponent Salud Carbajal, who place their own self-interests and the establishment above the people.

It is necessary that our community and nation stand with the visionaries and the candidates who are willing to work twice has hard to implement new and long-range policies that will strengthen our future. This is no longer simply a battle between Republicans and Democrats, but a battle between those who do everything to perpetuate a rigged system and those who do everything to ensure that the voices of this nation are heard.

The people of our country have shown that they are tired of the corruption and are ready to reform the institutions our democracy depends upon. Now, we must work to see this through. As your representative, I will help lead this fight to bring true representation back to the people and to get Washington working for the future of our nation.

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If you think that Trump is a visionary, you need an adjustment. His ignorance is only exceeded by his arrogance. He tweets so much that he has no time to absorb the world around him. In fact, he seems so self-absorbed that listening to him talk is is all about himself saving the U.S.

As for you, you’re going to have to demonstrate why you have the capacity to ask for this new position. It appears right now you’re commercials demonstrate you’re going with the Trump-flow. And just saying: “I’m going to repeal Obamacare, build a wall, deport immigrants” does not say how you’ll govern towards solving the systemic problem. It just shows how you react to the problem.

For example, what are you going to replace Obamacare with? My son has an incurable disease, and before the ACA, he could not be insured at any price. Period.

Define yourself. What’s your resume. What are your successes & failures.

Mr. Squawk,

When one lays claim to a PhD, it is expected of him or her to be able to manage his language in ways that make his lofty ideas and opinions more accessible to we dolts and dullards.

You did not confuse anyone with your message or some high concept – your message was unintelligible for reasons grammatical, thematic and stylistic.

This is an open letter to Mr. Justin Fareed –

Mr. Fareed,

If you really, really believe what you state in this political statement (opinion), and if you really want my vote in November; then I challenge you to do something that your opponent would never do. That is to come out with an ironclad guarantee to the voters that if you are

elected in November; you will; under no circumstances, hold this office for more than 2 terms

(4 years).

In agreement with your statement that it is the political elite that are the cause of this nation’s problems – and that new ideas and new visions are needed – then accepting this

challenge should be very easy for you to do. If you really want voters to accept you as

someone ‘cut-from-a-different-cloth’ then prove it. If you can not do that, then maybe you are not that different than the others, Maybe; you, too, are looking more out for your own ‘self-interests” – but you want the voters to believe otherwise.

So, Mr. Fareed; the challenge is on. Are you the man you would like us to believe you are or are you just another politician (with large financial backing from special interests)?

I will be checking back on this CCN posting over the next several days. Your response, or lack of response, will be a big deciding factor for me come November. Hopefully, many others voters will also be interested in this.


Yes, full disclosure!

Perhaps the boy candidate, Justin Fareed can just wear surgery scrubs during the debate!

I just cannot come to terms that this guy has any real interest in serving us and protecting our central Coast way of life. I hear he spends most of his time with his buddies down in Santa Monica and he apparently skipped a candidate’s forum he committed to in order to attend a football game. Committed?

I also hear he is tight with the Big Ag ‘Sanctuary City’ crowd, and will sacrifice our neighborhoods so his farmer friends can stuff their workers 16 person to a house. Sad.

Just saying,


This would be so much easier if candidates were required to wear their sponsors information on their Blazers. You know, like NASCAR racers do on their cars and uniforms.

Hillary Clinton- brought to you by Emily’s list, University of California, Citigroup, DLA Piper, etc etc. A LOT of banking institutions are backing her. Interesting. Lobbyists can be a tool to predict a LOT of what a candidate will do and explain a LOT about what a candidate has done.

There are some good people in government but the elite party members rule over the newly elected and stifle any good they came into office to do. Term limits is the only way to put a lid on the too powerful to prosecute.

I agree that term limits are possibly the only way to allow different people the chance to get involved in local governments. Look at some of our local cities where people have served for what appears to be forever. Some do a good job while others, thru their good old boy network, get weaker candidates either appointed or elected by supplying money for support and create complete control of everything without any outside participation.

Ask any local career politicians what they think about term limits and it will not take long to find out that they would never support it.